Dos And Don’ts Of Airbnb For Guests

 Dos And Don’ts Of Airbnb For Guests


Airbnb has come a long way since its launch in 2008 and has revolutionized the travel industry. The promising start-up has become famed in the travel industry. Airbnb is an online platform that connects individuals who wish to rent out their spaces and people who are looking for accommodations. In old days, most people used to book a hotel or hostel for their stay during vacations or work trips, but now with over six million listings worldwide, Airbnb is giving them another new option to stay. Properties listed on the platform can accommodate every budget. 

Airbnb has given people an option to stay at a homely place away from home. If you are planning a trip soon and searching for places to stay you will surely come across an Airbnb. 

Here are some Airbnb dos and Don’ts that will help you to find accommodation that will meet all your needs and make your trip even more satisfying.

Airbnb Do’s

Communicate with host:

Although most hosts provide considerable information with numerous pictures on their listings, it's beneficial to communicate with them beforehand. If it's your first ever experience with Airbnb, look for super hosts. Connect with your property host and ask questions to illuminate things or any doubts you have. Be satisfied first before confirming your booking.

If unhappy with something, tell the host:

While your stay, if there is anything that is bothering you or something you are not satisfied with, do let the host know. Bring the issue you are facing to light and the host will try to fix it for you.

Read the reviews:

Reviews of former guests can be of great help when choosing a property. Read all the reviews, they can give you an insight into what you can expect from the property and host. 

Research the surroundings before booking:

Do neighborhood research thoroughly before booking the property. You can find the exact location or address in the listing details, use it and get an idea of the property surroundings. Check area safety and its reachability. 

Watch for the extra fee:

Sometimes Airbnb hosts can add some add-on fee to your booking. If you have a tight budget, situations like these can be exasperating. Here is a list of add-ons to watch out for-

  • Cleaning Fee

  • Airbnb Service Fee

  • Extra Guest Fee

  • Local Taxes

Leave a review within 14 days:

The Airbnb community depends on reviews. Reviews help future travelers to choose an accommodation, and hosts make improvements(if needed). Post honest reviews and descriptive pros and cons of your stay can be more helpful.

You only have 14 days to post a review after checkout.

Review Airbnb’s cancellation policy and Refund policy:

Knowing the cancellation terms and refund policy is always beneficial. It informs you what actions and measures to take in an unexpected turn of events. And help you take action to cancel your booking and get a refund smoothly.  

Make payment through Airbnb only:

If a host requests you to pay by any means other than the Airbnb portal, then you must report them to Airbnb. It's not only a bad practice on the host's end but, if something went wrong during your stay, Airbnb won’t be liable for that and can’t help you. You should only make payments via Airbnb. It has a secure payment system on its website and app.

Use Airbnb helpline 1-800 in case of emergency or any issue:
Airbnb provides you with 24x7 assistance in case of any problem. If you run into any problems such as false commitments, misleading online presentation of the property, or if there is some sort of scam you can always connect to the Airbnb helpline at 1-800.

Airbnb Don’ts

Don’t assume anything:

When you make assumptions, it often leads to an unhappy ending. If you have any doubt about the property or neighborhood or anything else, do not assume; ask the host. It will make things easier and ensure that your stay will be satisfactory.

Don’t forget to read the small print:

Check the entire listing carefully. Some properties have a certain set of rules for example a maximum number of guests, consumption of alcohol, or a strict cancellation policy. Go through everything and document your observations of the listing. It can be  submitted as proof of your claim in case of any falsification by the host or if you find the place unhygienic or unsafe.

Don’t expect a service like a hotel:

Understand this, Airbnb is not a hotel service. Hence, they don’t have luggage stores or 24x7 room service. The check-in and check-out timings are fixed and non-manageable often.

Don’t ignore house rules:

Keep in mind that hosts can also review the guests that stay with them. And with a negative review from a host, it can be difficult for you to get a booking in the future. Keep the house rules in mind and follow them. 

Don’t forget to clean up after yourself:

It is not expected to clean the entire property. But you should tidy the rooms and clean the dishes before leaving. Being a good and responsible guest makes it easier for you to get future bookings.

Wrapping up

Above mentioned dos and don’ts are some of the things you should consider while using Airbnb as a guest. Knowing what to expect can make your future trip enjoyable. 

Go ahead! Plan a trip and if you haven’t tried Airbnb till now, give it a shot. You won’t regret it; just remember everything you learned above. Be it a family vacation, a business trip, or a long-awaited holiday with friends, Airbnb has just the right accommodation options for everyone.  


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