FARAH KHAN- Bollywood celebrity Choreographer and her journey of IVF

 FARAH KHAN- Bollywood celebrity Choreographer and her journey of IVF


This article is about the journey and the experiences of in vitro fertilization, of the popular Bollywood director, producer, choreographer, actress, entrepreneur, and

 fabulous party host - Farah khan.

Her full name is Farahdeeba khan and she lives in Mumbai. Director Sajid khan is her brother.

She was born to Menaka Irani and  Kamran Khan who used to be a stuntman and later became a popular filmmaker, producer, and director. She married Shirish Kunder in the year of 2004.

She has choreographed more than a hundred songs in most of the films above 80.

She is the winner of the National film award for choreography along with six Filmfare awards for best choreography. She has directed some movies in Bollywood remarkable ones are her directorial debut- Main hoon na and her second directorial venture named as- Om Shanti om.

She has work experience with Tamil films and Chinese films and some international songs.

Farah khan and her husband were trying to have a baby after they got married. 

But, unfortunately, they did not succeed, and she went to take treatments after her chronic efforts she was blessed with three triplets- Anya Kunder, Diva Kunder, and Czar kunder in the 

year- 2008.

IVF is a considerably popular method for many women, who are suffering from specific unexplained infertility, Ovulation disorders, genetic disorders, or impaired male cell-sperm function or production.

IVF can result in both success and failure, the results are uncertain, but long-term treatments are proven to show good results for many women. Millions of babies are born through IVF.

IVF- in vitro fertilization is a medical procedure where experts in the lab, solve the complications of some women, through external procedures, by injecting medicines for hormonal changes in the female‘s body and taking her ova or egg and by fertilizing the egg with the sperm, artificially in the lab by making the fertilization of sperm and egg, turning it into the zygote. Then the zygote or embryo is placed inside the uterus, resulting in normal pregnancy.

Actually, in vitro fertilization means in vitro- In the glass. This process involves monitoring and stimulating an egg of a woman‘s ovulation process, by taking her egg or ova and letting it fertilize by the male‘s sperm in a specialized environment in the lab and turning it into a zygote known as the fertilized egg.

Speaking of Farah khan and her experiences, she is a mother of three children. She said in an interview that the process of going through IVF is stressful for her as well as any other who is going through it.

She told in an interview that she was working while she was taking her IVF treatment.

She mentioned the fact that she was making the famous Bollywood movie named Om Shanti Om Starring The king of Bollywood-Sharukh Khan and the debut film of Deepika Padukone. 

She used to visit her Doctor in the early morning at 7 ‘o'clock to get her shot, then travel back to the film sets in the film city. After finishing the whole day she again used to go back in the evening to the doctor to get the five injections of the day. The hormones were working overtime for her, so she experienced a lot of mood swings, and would cry and weep. She said that she felt lucky as she had no spousal pressure and they both were willing, even though they got bad results. She used to be pumped up with hormones and kept crying.

She said they went the extra mile, as everybody does when they desperately need something in life.

She becomes a mother, embracing motherhood at the age of 43. Mommy to triplets by IVF.

She did what she wanted, she supports all women.

 One of the most noticeable activities done by her is posting a letter online on the social media platform where she said that she became a mother when she wanted to become a mother not according to society‘s appropriate age.

She felt grateful for the advanced technology of science as she was able to do that through IVF at that age. As a woman- she was a daughter, wife, and mother she had to make many choices, of which she became a choreographer, filmmaker, and producer.

She listened to her gut feeling when she was right and she seized the moment, whether it was for her career or for her family. She mentioned that we think about people and their judgments very much and that we often tend to forget that it’s our life, we should decide our call.

She added that our choices make us and she is glad that she did and proud to be an IVF mom. She wished great motherhood to all women through words on her social media.

She also cleared up some of the facts in a video that IVF is not unnatural. Her kids have an inheritance from both her and her husband.

 She expressed that her family was very supportive when she was undergoing treatment.

She felt that being a mother is another childhood phase for her, and all the suffering, pain, injections, and treatments vanish the moment you hold the child.

She got her IVF treatment at Jaslok Hospital by Dr.Firuza Parikh, located in Mumbai, India.

She considers her doctor to be an angel, and she did whatever she used to say to her as she knew that she would suggest that for her well-being.

 She is definitely a hard-working, strong, and dynamic personality who keeps her professional life and personal life in balance. She is a source of strong inspiration for being independent and hard workers to see success in their life.

She encourages all women to do what they want. She doesn’t care what the unwritten rules of society are and only does what works for her. 

 She maintains a good relationship with celebrities as well as her family members, she is a good multi-tasker and an awesome woman for sure.

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