Having Trouble Finding A Date? Snapchat may be the answer to your prayers.

Having Trouble Finding A Date? Snapchat may be the answer to your prayers.

Snapchat may be the answer to your prayers.


Snapchat is no longer just about the dog filter. It could be the way you meet your next boo.

According to Student Beans' most recent Sex 'N Education survey, which polled 989 US students aged 16-24 on their dating lives, 76% of students had used Snapchat to schedule a hook-up/date.

So, if you're looking for a date, messaging your crush on Snapchat might be the greatest way to garner some attention.

Snapchat topped the list of social media apps used for dating, with Instagram coming in second, with 59% of those polled saying they've used the 'gram to get some. Yo Gotti was correct when he said, "It goes down in the dms."

These statistics are fascinating, indicating that students prefer social media to actual dating apps for hooking up, with only 47% of the students we spoke with having used a dating app like Tinder or Bumble.

But why is Snapchat the most popular dating app? It's possible because it's a much more private form of social media than most. You can specify who receives your snaps, how long they will see them, and who screenshots your posts.

Caution: you can now playback Snaps a second time, so be cautious about what you send. Your story only lasts 24 hours, and only people you've chosen are allowed to see it, making it a much more intimate form of social media - even though Instagram is trying to catch up by adding new features that are very similar.

Of course, we must remember why Snapchat was created in the first place. Sexts. According to our findings, 76% of respondents had received a text message and 73% had sent one. Only 33% had phone sex, which makes sense because why bother when you can send a Snap?

So, if you're single right now, don't bother with Tinder; Snapchat is the place to go to find a date.

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