How to handle an unstable relationship?

 How to handle an unstable relationship?

Unstable relationships means having a hard time maintaining relationships with the other person. It happens when there is something which is distancing you from your partner. 

Relationships work pretty much well with equal efforts, mutual respect and understanding and of course trust. Love is of course important but it is not everything for making a relationship work. Commitment, time, emotions, there are many factors which are of equal importance as love. 

Relationships are to be handled with care and if there is something distancing you and your partner, you must see to it that where is it getting wrong. 

Even the strongest of relationships face challenges, struggles but all you need to do it face all those challenges and make it work. 'It's not working', 'we are too different to be together' are all excuses. If you really want to be with someone, you should do everything possible to make them stay with you. 

Building a healthy relationship takes time and of course lots of effort. Here's a few tips to handle an unstable relationship so that it keeps going. 

  • If infidelity or trust has been broken by your side, you must take full responsibility for what happened and be understanding of how your behavior hurt your partner. Accept your mistake without justifying your actions or blaming someone else.

  • If your trust is broken by your partner, you have every right to feel hurt and angry, but there should be a desire to work on the relationship. Trust can be restored only when the person whose trust was broken allows their partner a chance to earn it back.

  • Instead of hiding your emotions, be vocal about your needs, what has been hurting you and what you expect from your partner. To be honest with your partner, you first need to be honest with yourself. 

  • If all your efforts are going in vain and you can't handle it, seek professional help i.e meet a therapist with your partner.

  • Instead of blaming yourself for what you have done, try to shift your energy in caring about your partner and spend time in mending your relationship.

  • Have discussion with your partner and make ground rules for your relationship that you both must follow.

  • Schedule more and more visits so that you both can spend time together and know what's going on in the other person's life.

  • Relationships are give and take business, there are times when you need to adjust or compromise. But keep in mind that you must not be the only person compromising.

  • Hold hands and hug oftenly to keep the physical intimacy, this can reduce stress and keep you a bit closer to your partner. 

  • You must speak your heart out and also understand and respect the other person's perspective. Lack of communication is one of the main reasons why relationships fail. Talk, fight, argue but never stop communicating.

  • Say thank you to your partners, show them affection, care, make them feel important and tell them why you want them when you have other options. 

  • Have fun together, go to movies, restaurants, clubs and all. Cherish every moment with them and keep the spark.

Eventually you have to evaluate whether your relationship is worth the work or not. You have to calculate and decide whether you are going to continue and work on things to make the relationship work or quit. But before quitting anything you must give your 100%. And if there's even a 0.01% chance, give it a try. 


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