Pregnancy, according to Gina Rodriguez, makes her feel like a "superwoman."

 Pregnancy, according to Gina Rodriguez, makes her feel like a "superwoman."


Pregnancy, according to Gina Rodriguez, makes her feel like a "superwoman."

The former "Jane the Virgin" star and her 36-year-old husband Joe LoCicero are "extremely delighted and overwhelmed" to be expecting their first child together.

The actress, 38, stated to PEOPLE magazine: "I feel like a superwoman and am overjoyed and delighted. Every day seems strange and unique to me, and I am incredibly grateful to every person who has brought a child into the world. I always tell people who are holding a child, "Congratulations, you're a superhero."

In this new and constantly changing phase of her life, Gina is putting her trust in her body and her loved ones "to protect" her.

She uttered: "I have amazing people in my life that I know will look out for me, protect me, and support me. I also trust my body. I have amazing mothers who have taught me so much; I am constantly learning from them."

The "Lost Ollie" actress says she feels "quite fantastic" about her life's achievements in Hollywood.

Gina: "I feel really fortunate and blessed that my childhood aspirations have come true. And it's a really incredible feeling. Nothing is more amazing than this sensation."

"This surpasses all red carpets. It surpasses all of your efforts. Although I like my husband and our wedding, it surpasses the latter. At all, it beats!"

She also claims that because of the innocence of her family's children, she has "the nicest time" conversing with them.

Gina: "When I talk to my nieces and nephews like they are my age and they simply get it, I have the best time. They are given so much more than we realize. They are able to grasp their feelings since they are present and unrepressed. Additionally, they haven't been made to feel guilty for having them or ashamed of them. Thus, it is just so obvious. It's just so obvious."

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