The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Reels Video Looping

 The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Reels Video Looping

Instagram Reels have taken the social media world by storm since their launch in 2020. Reels are a new way to create and discover short, fun, and creative videos that loop for up to 60 seconds. In this article, we'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to use Instagram Reels video looping and how to make the most out of this feature. We'll also include expert opinions and industry statistics to give you a better understanding of the importance of using Instagram Reels for your business or personal brand.


Instagram Reels is a feature that allows users to create short-form videos with music, filters, and other creative effects. Unlike Instagram stories, which disappear after 24 hours, Reels remain on the platform for as long as the creator wants them to. Video looping is a feature that makes these videos even more engaging by automatically replaying them once they finish.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Instagram Reels Video Looping

Open the Instagram app and select the Reels tab on the bottom navigation bar.

Tap the camera icon on the top right corner of the screen to start creating your Reel.

You can either record a new video or upload an existing one from your camera roll by tapping the icon on the left side of the screen.

Once you've recorded or uploaded your video, tap the arrow icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to proceed to the editing screen.

Here, you can add music, filters, and other creative effects to your video. You can also adjust the length of your Reel to fit within the 60-second limit.

Once satisfied with your edits, tap the arrow icon again to proceed to the final screen.

On the final screen, you can add a caption, and hashtags, and tag other users if you want to. You can also choose to share your Reel to your feed, your story, or both.

Before sharing, make sure to toggle on the "Auto-Loop" feature, which is located just below the "Cover" section. This will make your Reel loop automatically when someone watches it.

Finally, tap the "Share" button to post your Reel to your chosen destination.

Expert Opinions

According to a recent study by Social Media Today, Instagram Reels have become one of the most popular features on the platform. The study found that 64% of Instagram users have watched Reels, and 43% of users have created at least one Reel themselves. The study also found that Reels have a higher engagement rate than other types of content on the platform, including photos and videos.

Industry Statistics

A report by Hubspot found that video content is one of the most effective types of content for businesses. In fact, 85% of companies use video as a marketing tool, and 92% of marketers believe that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. This shows that using Instagram Reels, which are short and easy to consume, can be a great way for businesses to reach their target audience and promote their brand.

Benefits of Using Instagram Reels Video Looping

Increased Engagement: As mentioned earlier, Reels have a higher engagement rate than other types of content on Instagram. This is because they are short, creative, and easy to consume. By using video looping, you can make your Reels even more engaging and encourage viewers to watch them multiple times.

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