What is infidelity and types of infidelity ?

What is infidelity and types of infidelity?


 Monogamy is as difficult as infidelity!! 

Infidelity is an act of violating partners emotional, sexual exclusivity. Infidelity is a choice that comes from the lack of respect towards the relationship and the partner. People confuse Infidelity with lack of love towards a partner, but usually infidelity is the need and urge to have more or to fill the unknown void in their relationships. 

Over the past couple of years Infidelity, Adultery are being romanticised via many bollywood movies and show eg. Gehrayian, 4 more shots please, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and many more under the name of being messy, long lost love and self-exploration. From considering infidelity as a moral sinful act to accepting it as part of community, Indians have come a long way over the years. 


Infidelity does not have to be sexual, some time it is a matter of heart!! 

Types of Infidelity 

  1. Emotional infidelity - When your partner is emotionally attached to someone or emotionally unfaithful, it results in emotional damage. This is the most commonly observed infidelity in recent days; partners from the past, coworkers or close friends are involved in 70% of the cases. 

  2. Physical infidelity - Physical intimacy or sexual relationships outside relationship. Emotional attachment may or maynot be present. 

  3. Cyber infidelity  - With the growth of digital space, social media and social forums; cyber infidelity has spiked over the last decade. Exchanging flirtatious messages, watching illicit images and pornography is considered to be digital cheating. 

  4. Object infidelity - Getting emotionally or mentally attached or addicted to objects like mobile phone, internet, alcohol and drugs might harm the relationship. 

There could be numerous reasons for infidelity, emotional reasons are the ones that damage the relationships. Emotional reasons involve infertility issues, body image issues, partner  being busy, lack of respect and appreciation towards each other. Not being attracted to each other is one of the biggest reasons. 

Love is not enough for two different people to come together!!

Exclusivity is a choice and a promise which comes with love, respect and compassion!! 


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