What are the Differences between giving and taking access?

What are the Differences between giving and taking access?


Hello, surfer. This article is all about the description of the boundaries, giving access, and taking access by your lovable lover in your current relationship. If you are curious to know the basic invisible line boundaries mentioned in this, this article is considered to be a helpful resource for you.

There is a saying that a relationship is all about give and take, well that’s true, but if your relationship does nothing only takes and takes and makes you left with nothing other than any sort of good vibes, good and happy feelings, then it is not the final destination for you.

You might think what’s the big deal, there is enough understanding, respect, concern, too much love and care in our alliance, but this is not gonna make any difference, my man is a human and is not perfect, I love him that way, yeah girly, you are right, but love is like the most addictive, euphoric feeling that makes you feel, does everything you could. So there are high chances, that you might not see some of the indications which could affect your relationship with your lover in the long run.

When the right candidate, finds you, love finds you, everything goes right and everything falls into the right place, well everybody has a different love language. The right person will make you feel happier and more comfortable in life and they are ready to contribute to all the slight changes which you prefer.

Giving access- This means you allow your partner to make changes, giving a kind of authority in your life, to your body, mental health, and environment.

Taking access-this means your partner is taking up the authority of your life because of one reason that you are in a relationship with him, he tries to alter things and stuff in your life without your consent without your mindful approval.

Basically, after some time, the connection changes, and the behavior changes to more real and raw versions. There is a kind acceptance and unconditional love and comfortness with each other. So you might neglect the signs.

Your partner's interference in your personal life: You love your partner,  and you appreciate your loved ones’ interest in your life and all your relationships with others.

So you might not pay attention to all the things, feelings, and how things are changing around you. Your partner wants you to do as they say because they feel that they are more responsible, and they make wiser decisions. They try to interfere and conclude changes in your life indirectly, or they force you to do so by any means. Your life’s in charge is not played by you, nobody can do and play the role of you better than you.

They want you to change your plans, preferences, ambitions, and ideas. 

It must be you who should take personal life decisions, not your partner on your behalf. If your partner helps, advises, and makes things better,  for your decision-making process easier, the girl you gave got a gem.

If they act stubborn and do activities only when they wanna do when there is a need for doing,

And not caring for interest then there is a red flag, dear. Your consent is also equally important in all matters. You must make sure to talk about this with your man, and ask them not to do so, avoid it and express your importance too.

Your partner takes authority to make major changes in your life: Your love wants to make some changes to your life that may be good for you, but there is a proper way to do it, before taking any major step there is a primary action that should take place-talk. Your partner does not involve your point of view while planning even about your life.

He takes himself as an authority in your life and wants to make the changes, and forces you verbally, emotionally in all kinds of direct and indirect ways. This mostly happens when there are a lot of differences between you and your loved ones.

He tries and wants you to make major changes in your Ambitions ie., goals, wishes, career, family, financial ideas, and relationships with others.

Suggestion and explaining things in a way you too agree is the way to make changes in life is the best possible way, to practice in a long-term relationship.

Your partner makes you feel insecure: Insecure feelings, gaslighting, lack of emotional content, emotional torture, uninterested responses, and silent treatments are the things you face when you don’t agree and have a strict boundary in your bond, or relationship.

These things come under stubbornness, ego, and anger, so you must be careful that you are stubborn and give access to your man in only the required matters.

He gets different and makes you feel insecure when he wanna grab access to your life.

When that kind of access is denied he behaves oddly, speaking up about it to him. That kind of behavior would only cause more complexity in the relationship you are sharing.

Your partner takes access to your relations: Your sweetheart tells you how to behave with cousins when to give importance to your parents, and guardians, when to go, where to go with your pals,  how you should behave and respond in your workplace, tells you to break off with your people whom they don’t like. 

This is a crystal clear sign that your BAE is clearly taking total control of your social life. Think before reacting, If your bae is saying something there must be a reason, find out about it, and if it’s true follow his words if it’s not stuck to your opinion.

Taking access means not only social, and personal aspects it includes emotional and mental aspects as well.

Your allowance or giving access by your desire, to all the aspects of your life is considered okay, it's acceptable.

These are the major signs where you can figure it out that your life is driven by your partner’s wishes and desires. You are not having sound control of your life.

You should conclude that these things shouldn't be prevailing in any phase of a relationship and bond.

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