Sex education for females means that they are educated on how they should take care of their bodies, how they should treat their bodies, and having all the basic knowledge of how sexual 

intercourse should take place, what is right and what is not. Obviously, sex is going to be the unavoidable phase in everyone's life unless they are asexual.  In India, the rate of HIV infection is rising and India is amongst the countries where the highest rates of HIV risks and infection prevail. So it’s significant to know and have enough knowledge about sex ed.

In Rural India most of the girls, Majorly 50% of them don’t have proper knowledge of menstruation.

In India 4 out of 5 women could not reject sexual intercourse with their husbands even when they are not interested to do so. There are 42.7% of girls who faced sexual abuse in their lives.

Most of the time adults often neglect sex ed and their awareness without teaching their children and others because they assume and believe that sex ed comes to everyone naturally, there is no need to teach and create awareness regarding it specifically. But this is not true, There is so much wrong information flowing in the river of the internet it is very hard to catch the right ones.

LADIES, IT HELPS YOU TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR BODY: you should know your body, how your body responds, what your body needs, what are doing with it, keenly observe the changes in the body, and know why your hormones are acting in a certain way.

Having sex education is all about knowledge related to our body.

You must nurture your body, love it and learn more about it. 

Your body is your responsibility, by having enough sex ed you will be able to know what is the right thing to do with your body, and you will be more educated on how to take care of your vaginal health, periods, have safe intercourse and, prevention from unknown infections, diseases.

COMMUNICATION WORKS A WAY,  BETTER: Having a free-friendly conversation with your trusted friend or someone who is your close one who is not gonna judge you for anything, you can share your body issues, your gut feelings, and your thoughts.

You should communicate with your loved ones before having intercourse, what works for you.

You could communicate everything related to your periods, and how your reproductive health is working to your loved ones, there should not be any awkwardness in that.

It's better to communicate with one person rather than just bottling up all your thoughts and feelings.

TO HAVE IDEAL EXPECTATIONS:  Lack of sex ed in women leads to a lack of knowledge in all aspects of sexual intercourse. Some women learn about sex ed from inappropriate resources, so they tend to have unrealistic expectations and often underestimate themselves feel insecure about themselves, and try to fit in into the fantasy-filled expectations.

Experts clarify that there is still a need to create proper awareness.

TO GET THE RIGHT INFORMATION: You are responsible for what you believe, you need to be well-aware of the right information to ensure that there is no misconception while learning about it. Sex ed does involve much wider concepts and is very vital.

You are gonna have an idea and have opinions on what you heard and what you know, so it is very essential to know that you are feeding the right information to yourself.

It is gonna make differences in your mindset you might not be aware of it.

Proper source and exactly the right kind of information is all you need about this sensitive topic because it is not so widely spoken topic, so misconceptions, myths, and rumors are always wandering around.


TO MAKE HYGIENE  YOUR FOREVER BAE: After you know, and have good sex ed about all major topics all you will do is maintain your hygiene in all the aspects you can.

You give priority to hygiene in your periods, daily life, and during intercourse.

Not having proper hygiene can make you prone to infections, STDs, STIs, irritation and itching and rashes, and much discomfort-causing stuff.

So proper sex ed ensures and guides you about how you could maintain a hygienic and healthy body. If you are using any kind of product make sure that they are good and hygienic whenever you want to use them. This is the most basic, primary factor that you cannot afford to ignore, it might risk you far worse than you ever imagine.

FOR KNOWING HOW  TO PREVENT: Sex ed majorly focuses on how to avoid certain things, it includes how to avoid deadly, irritating, trouble-causing infections, diseases, the spread of microbes, child abuse, sexual violence, unwanted pregnancies, teenager's mistakes, how to avoid what is not right for you and related matters or topics. 

So it is very important for every female to know about all the vital information related to and regarding sex ed.

In India Children-53% who lie between the age of 5 to 12 are subject to sexual abuse in their lives. Sexual abuse is not opened up and punished so it is always hidden, lack of sexual awareness is one of the root causes for these kinds of behaviour.

The Indian school curriculum has introduced a sex education program by Narendra Modi in the year 2018, because of the increasing rates of HIV infections and its victims.

However, due to so many initiatives, campaigns, and content that is made on social media to create awareness about sex ed and its significance, content creators, experts, doctors, and teachers, with the help of good resources on the internet have helped a lot to achieve and helped many people to learn more about sex ed in a proper light, and it is mostly debated topic, still there is more miles stones to cross, to have success in the proper enlighten and educated society regarding the sex education in India.

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