2022 K-Pop midyear Report says Meet LE SSERAFIM, the Rookie Topping the Albums and singles Charts

 2022 K-Pop midyear Report says Meet LE SSERAFIM, the Rookie Topping the Albums and singles Charts

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There’s a well-liked idiom in English that claims, you can’t keep a decent man or woman down. However, what are a few fearless ones?

Fearless is the keyword once describing the new K-pop woman cluster LE SSERAFIM. Not solely is it the title of their debut single and album, however, you'll be able to set up the letters of “I’m fearless” to LE SSERAFIM with the anagram signifying a refresh of the phrase. It’s a superimposed, two-dimensional that means for an ensemble name—but individuals are connecting.

At the midyear purpose of 2022, the K-pop trade has delivered sturdy debuts from new acts during a year that may seemingly go down joined of the strongest for brand new woman teams. Six months in, the numbers are leaning towards LE SSERAFIM because the cluster requires the 2022 international Rookie crown, due to ranking high with each successive album and single.

Starting with albums, LE SSERAFIM’s Fearless EP has sold-out over 412,000 copies worldwide and hierarchical high on the album’s charts in both South Korea and Japan. Together with the EP, debut single “Fearless” has climbed up the Korean charts to become a mainstay hit domestically (currently at No.12 on the Goan singles chart 2 months when release) whereas conjointly charting in territories across Asia, even No.12 on hoarding’s World Digital Song Sales chart; shooting them within the highest seventy-five on the worldwide-focused Billboard international 200 singles chart.

Even with an intrinsic fanbase thanks partially to the past success of members Kim Chaewon and Sakura, who were each member of the beloved however temporary woman cluster IZ*ONE, further as Huh Yunjin, who competed on the singing competition show turn out for eight that created IZ*ONE, the cluster hasn’t been proof against gossip and rumors. Like several scrutinized stars, negative news and claims have followed the cluster before they even formally hit the scene—namely, allegations of bullying from member Kim Garam’s past that’s caught the eye of the native and international press—but the cluster remains, as their name says, fearless. Case in point: Leader Chaewon has not backed down from addressing the difference either.

Celebrate LE SSERAFIM’s mighty entrance into the trade by attending to recognize members Kim Chaewon, Sakura, Huh Yunjin, Kazuha, Kim Garam, and Hong Eunchae higher below. Whereas the cluster is pushing ahead to unfold its message globally, Garam is presently on hiatus and gave her answers to those queries before the proclaimed break.

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