BTS J-Hope dating Irene Kim, a model? ARMY provides images as evidence.

 BTS J-Hope dating Irene Kim, a model? ARMY provides images as evidence.

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Is BTS Jhope dating Irene Kim, a model? The Army's most frequently asked question is now this one. Following rumours that BTS Jimin was dating South Korean actress Song Da Eun, J-love Hope's life began to circulate online. While some fans are certain that the rapper is dating the American model, others don't think it's true. Online, there are some hints that something is developing between the two, though. BTS J-Hope and Irene Kim were spotted wearing similar clothes, including matching jewellery, phone cases, and photographs. This has led to rumours that they are dating.

K-pop fans reportedly observed BTS J-Hope and Irene Kim posing while wearing matching golden rings, according to reports in Kstartrend and Music Mundial. In the images of the rapper and the model, fans also noticed a similar cellphone case. J-Hope was seen sporting an Ireneisgood sweater as well. BTS ARMY has made the assumption that J-Hope is dating Irene Kim as a result of these coincidences.

The relationship rumours gained more fuel when images of J-Hope and Irene enjoying time together appeared online. Editor of W Korea ChaJkaW shared photos of herself with Jimin, Jhope, and Irene Kim.

Irene was also sighted at the Chicago Lollapalooza event when she and Jimin attended J-performance. Hope's Later, she and the rapper went to see Kaws. Additionally, J-Hope and Irene exchanged photos on their Instagram accounts.

One Twitter user responded to the images and dating rumours by saying, "She seems to follow him around too much, in my opinion. She is also famous, so why does she behave this way?" "It really looks like she's just showing off that she's pals with BTS," another person tweeted. "I saw the photo of them arriving at the airport together and it was wonderful, lol," another fan remarked.

As for Lollapalooza in Chicago, BTS J-Hope made music history by becoming the first South Korean performer to lead the main stage. His name was continuously screamed by the crowd, and BTS Jimin joined them in their support.

Following BTS's announcement that they would be concentrating more on their separate careers for a spell, J-Hope was also the first member of the K-pop group to release his solo album. The album "Jack In The Box" by J-Hope is already a chart-topper and climbing the charts.

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