Is femilift treatment permanent?

 Is femilift treatment permanent?


Many women without her realization that something is wrong may compromise her feminine comfort or satisfaction. In reality, from the inner heart, she deserves to lead a comfortable and satisfying feminine life, after childbirth, so what is Femilift ? Is it permanent? are topics here to be detailed.

It is non-surgical procedure, tightening and elasticity of the vagina is core principle for femilift , which can be done through Laser Technology , women who experiences less vaginal looseness, or who don’t like the appearance of the vagina, femilift is the only choice. Even women who preferes temporary tightening of the vaina after child birth, can also undergo this treatment. The physician will make you fathom the entire treatment alongside your expectation too. The treatment may go up to 3 sessions with regular intervals and once in a year, the patient  may have to attend for assessment after a year depending on the needs of the patient. The doctors also may advise on do’s and don'ts after the treatment. The treatment may take 15-30 minutes. The treatment is made with the consistency that women must get back her feminine in full , which was similar to when she was in her teens. The treatment can be done as an outpatient procedure, which is completed with a fractional CO2 LASER, delivered with an exclusive 360 degree probe. The following are the benefits that can be seen after treatment.

  • Better sexual pleasure (increase lubrication and intense orgasm).

  • Treatment for minor urinary incontinence

  • Reduction in signs of vaginal aging

  • No or limited recovery time

  • Same-day procedure

  • Regular work can be resumed after 2- 3 days

  • Limited risks

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