The resource we all needed: Tinder's "Let's Talk Gender" online lexicon

 The resource we all needed: Tinder's "Let's Talk Gender" online lexicon

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Almost all platforms are celebrating Pride Month, but the finest thing to come out of this is an online lexicon called "Let's Talk Gender," thanks to Tinder, which is far more useful than rainbow taxis on the map.

In collaboration with Gaysi Family, Tinder has launched, an online lexicon and guide that will help you understand and identify gender and identity as well as stimulate dialogues about how people express themselves. The dating app claims that it has drawn inspiration from the 50+ gender identities and nine sexual orientations that users can choose from when creating their Tinder profiles. According to Tinder, Let's Talk Gender is a "dynamic, living guide and lexicon" that was created with a variety of participants from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Let's Talk Gender intends to start dialogues about the "value and use of pronouns and what a partner's queerness means for someone who is dating them along with answers to frequently asked concerns and curiosity" because gender is not binary and binary itself is perceived as "limited."

According to the app, the microsite has a glossary of gender identities and terms that is "based on lived experiences by members of the community. The Tinder app stated that these identities are a collection of umbrella categories, many of which are fluid while others point to a blend of gender identities.

"'Let's Talk Gender' is a long-term commitment for us that strengthens our assistance to the Indian LGBTQIA+ community and promotes inclusive dialogue in the dating sector. According to Aahana Dhar, Director of Communications India at Tinder, "This living lexicon, created by professionals, provides a more individualized understanding of identity and moves us closer to a world where everyone can have total sovereignty over their choices and self-expression.

In addition to establishing this online dictionary, Tinder stated that the number of LGBTQIA+ users has increased "twice as quickly as its overall membership" and that "non-binary" is the most popular option among "additional genders" options in the app. According to Tinder, its Indian customers will be able to access the microsite by tapping on in-app cards that highlight this vocabulary.

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