What are some ways that we can address the issue of forced marriage?

 What are some ways that we can address the issue of forced marriage? 

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Forced marriage is a human rights violation that affects primarily young girls and women. It is a practice that involves marrying someone against their will, often resulting in a lack of consent, coercion, and abuse. Here are some ways to address the issue of forced marriage

Strengthening Legal Frameworks

The first step in addressing forced marriage is to strengthen legal frameworks. Governments must recognize forced marriage as a human rights violation and create laws and policies that criminalize the practice. This includes laws that establish minimum ages for marriage, promote informed and free consent, and protect the rights of women and girls to choose their own partners. Governments should also invest in training and educating law enforcement officers, judges, and lawyers about forced marriage, as well as ensuring that survivors have access to legal and support services.

Empowering Women and Girls

Empowering women and girls is critical in preventing forced marriage. This can include providing access to education, economic opportunities, and life skills training that enable girls to make informed choices about their futures. Girls who are educated and have financial independence are more likely to reject forced marriage and have greater control over their lives.

Engaging Communities

Engaging communities is key to ending a forced marriage. This can include working with religious and community leaders, families, and young people to raise awareness about the harms of forced marriage and the importance of informed consent in choosing a partner. Additionally, it is essential to engage men and boys in efforts to prevent the forced marriage, as they can play a critical role in promoting gender equality and challenging harmful gender norms that perpetuate the practice.

Providing Support and Services for Survivors

Providing support and services for survivors of forced marriage is essential. This includes access to medical care, counseling, legal aid, and other support services that can help survivors to rebuild their lives. It is also important to provide safe spaces where survivors can access support and share their experiences with others who have had similar experiences.

Strengthening International Cooperation

Strengthening international cooperation is critical in addressing forced marriage. Governments, civil society organizations, and international organizations must work together to share knowledge, resources, and best practices, as well as coordinate efforts to prevent forced marriage and support survivors.


Forced marriage is a human rights violation that has devastating effects on the lives of girls and women. Addressing the issue requires a comprehensive approach that includes strengthening legal frameworks, empowering women and girls, engaging communities, providing support and services for survivors, and strengthening international cooperation. By working together to prevent forced marriage and support survivors, we can help to ensure that girls and women can make their own choices about their futures and live free from violence and coercion.

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