What is the difference between natural immunity and vaccine immunity?

What is the difference between natural immunity and vaccine immunity?


 Immune system is the biologically complex system to protect the human body from bacteria, viruses, infectious diseases, other pathogens and toxins from inside the body. Human body has an inbuilt immune system to fight and remember the invaders through cell memory. The immunity of the body can also be boosted by artificial immunity boosters. 

The natural Immunity is further classified into 

  1. Natural active immunity - The cells that find and fight the external invaders. The natural immune system produces antibodies that respond to the germs and other pathogens.  Once the human body is infected by a certain pathogen, the T and B cells protect the system from previously attacked antigens. Once the B cells come across the antigens, it produces plasma memory cells to remember the invader. 

  2. Natural passive immunity - The natural protection that comes from outside the body. The antibodies produced by other sources or ready-made antibodies. During the pregnancy antibodies are transferred to the foetus through placenta or breast milk, to help the baby until it can produce its own antibodies.   

Artificial Immunity or Vaccine- induced immunity 

  1. Artificial active immunity - The primary concept behind vaccination to develop defence mechanisms. A dead or weakened bacteria or virus is introduced into the body through injections to make the T & B cells recognise and remember the antigens. These antigens will not make you sick but help to protect you in future. These vaccines usually last for a long time/ lifetime, but some last only for a short duration.  

  2. Artificial passive immunity - Antibodies are directly introduced into the body, to kill infections. These vaccines last for a short time but are very effective during its course. 

Natural Immunity Vs Artificial immunity 

As the difference is obvious, both natural and artificial are effective in their own way. For the natural immunity to work, the body has to be introduced to the antigens i.e. you have to fall ill once, for your body to produce antibodies, identify and remember the pathogens and to protect you after that. Artificial immunity or vaccinations help you by introducing antibodies directly to fight when your body is not producing antibodies supposedly. It is important to take good care of the overall well being of the body for your immune system to fight back effectively. 

Here are some myths to burst 

  1. Natural Immunity is more efficient than vaccine induced immunity

  2. Artificial immunity provides lifetime protection 

  3. No, there is no vaccine for development disorders in children 

  4. Vaccines are not proven to protect from influenza (Cold & flu)

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