Airbnb and the Solo Female Business Traveller

  Airbnb and the Solo Female Business Traveller 

Airbnb and the Solo Female Business Traveller _ichhori.webP

Air BnB's strengths also can be liabilities for several solo feminine business travelers.

The platform has matured more and more once a year owing to its ability to attach travelers to native communities by providing more immersive, authentic, and cheap travel expertise for business and leisure travelers. It’s additionally a portal for finding as a result of it offers access into such a big amount of varied neighborhoods around the globe.

Airbnb is concerning experiencing the destination on your own terms. It’s concerning freedom, personalization, choice, and self-determination, however, it additionally needs a degree of flexibility and independence on the part of the individual.

Their queries are several, including, who else has keys to the listing? What if we want to decide on somebody in an emergency? is the neighborhood safe? Is that place clean? Can we feel snug if we lock the doors fully from the inside? Who is that host, and how are we able to trust him or her?  Whether we can trust the reviews?

Airbnb has safeguards in situ, of course. Hosts and guests are verified through a variety of identification needs, and each side reviews one other to produce a public record of behavior for each. However, queries persist.

So we tend to speak with one feminine meeting planner and 5 girls who’ve reserved Airbnb for business functions whereas traveling solo. Our goal wasn't to create broad generalizations but to higher perceive their considerations and supply context around them.

Everyone tends to communicate — in each of the Airbnb listing descriptions and via the Airbnb electronic communication platform with hosts — is the most self-made technique to make them feel snug, reserving an Airbnb.

 You must suppose that clear communication is the most significant factor needless to say, so being terribly direct concerning the neighborhood, and wherever you are because the hosts are, and what you’re doing when the guest is there.

The Welcome Arrival: to fulfill or to not Meet

One of the largest discrepancies in opinion among feminine businesses is that somebody's booking Airbnb as one traveler regards whether or not or not to meet the host upon arrival.

As a general observation, it looks that individuals unaccustomed to Airbnb value more highly to meet the host more as presently as they arrive, particularly in international destinations. For those seen with Airbnb and different sharing economy corporations, several like a mixture lock or simply accessible lock box with a key to the exterior door, particularly once they’re traveling on business.

It would have been easier if the host had been there, and there wasn't a sense of panic, I simply felt uneasy. There wasn’t enough communication beforehand, that you understand currently. however we must fully wish to induce Airbnb once more, thus it’s not an enormous issue.

The native Neighborhood expertise

To assist select a particular listing, several potential solo feminine guests are spoken to and communicate that they need an in-depth description of the immediate neighborhood enclosed within the description of the Airbnb listing itself. You must choose a location, whereas you're traveling to a town which would cost a small amount from a business location. You must put your thought on parking and Wi-Fi-free amenities which take into account Airbnb as a  final resort.

Clean & snug Connote Security

It is the most priority for female business travelers and in an emerging situation the foremost thing to be considered. Sanitization, bedsheet change, towel and drinking water, and utensils for taking food are the major things to be accounted for with proper sterilization. Certain interior style implies a level of cleanliness, where people have generally taken care of their place, and of course while generalizing here. Cleanliness above all else and aesthetics are definitely a priority. It must create positive vibes for a person, to feel energetic and make the trip a successful one. The aspects may include greenery, modern paintings, waterfall, wall painting designs and it goes on. 


Staying with family is different from staying alone that too as a solo female business traveler. So considering One female booking Airbnb alone, stating that each situation is unique. Everything depends on the destination, the individual listing, and host, the purpose of travel, the number of reviews, the overall vibe, and the type of woman traveler and her experience with Airbnb. It’s complicated.

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