The position of women in modern day Societies?


The position of women in modern-day Societies?

The position of women in modern day Societies?_ichhori.webP

Discussions over the status of women have frequently appeared in newspapers, magazines, social media, and debates. From ancient times to the present, the Indian civilization has valued women as significant members of the community. Everyone is focused on finding solutions to improve the status of women in society as a result of the numerous incidents that have occurred. However, finding a solution requires first understanding the cause of the issue, so I went back in time to investigate this.

Today, our goal is to lessen the sexual discrimination that women face in a society where girls are taught that they are girls and boys are taught that they are boys and that they are different, their gender creating a difference from childhood on, to lessen crime against women, to aid in the development of society by interpreting sacred or ancient texts in a unique and different way, where the scope of our society is widened and they consider a variety of viewpoints, and to reduce the sexual violence against women.

The causes of these issues Today’s issues may just be minor, but they still manifest themselves to us in the form of remarks, whistling, eve-teasing, etc. Is it stated anywhere that men and society can easily torture women based on their gender? Is it stated anywhere that women are inferior to men or that this is how they should be treated?

This is what our ancient texts also teach: that women should be respected, that they have a right to behave in a way that is deserving of their status, and that they should lead happy lives. We had the impression that women were revered as goddesses, and our study of ancient literature has confirmed this.

The most crucial question that needs to be resolved is where we stand in this society. How many women are involved in politics and how many of them are in positions of power? The problem is that women can never hold positions of power in our patriarchal culture. However, by granting them reservations, the government is attempting to improve the status of women in society. How many families allow their daughters, spouses, or mothers to reign or govern the country is the source of the problem in society.

The root cause of the problem

Where are the gaps that need to be filled, is the query. What gaps need to be filled in order to create a gender-neutral society where women can freely move without hesitation, choose any profession that she finds suitable for them, or go about their business without anyone putting a stop to them by telling them that she is a girl and she is not supposed to do that. In order to solve the issue, it turns out that when we look into the past or ancient times, what we saw was completely different and what the situation is today is different.

A woman should be protected by her father while she is a child, her brother when she is in her middle age, her husband when she is married, and finally by her son when she is elderly, according to ancient Indian writings. This suggests that they ought to be safeguarded, but what we observe now is a totally different interpretation, in which society as a whole misinterpreted the phrase to mean that they are unable to defend themselves and believed that they are inferior or submissive. When writings suggest that women should be respected and safeguarded and that gods are happy if they are respected, it suggests that the god is the one who orders their safety.

Although we are aware that things are different now, women should have been respected both then and now.

Crimes against women

Rape and other sexual offenses against women are widespread in society as a result of the mentality of those who have held influential positions for a long period. Not only this, but with the advancement of contemporary technologies, the once-common practice of female infanticide has evolved into female foeticide. Women are expected to conform to the stereotypes that society has set for them from birth to death at every stage of their lives.

As more and more people receive a proper education, it would be ideal for the number of crimes against women to decrease. Surprisingly, this is not the case, as the number of crimes against women is rising, whether it be dowry murders, domestic abuse, rape, sexual harassment, forced prostitution, trafficking, slavery, female foeticide, etc. Since women are an integral part of society, they should be treated as though they have all of their fundamental human rights. All of these crimes prevent women from fully developing as members of society because they instill fear in them. From a humanitarian perspective, this is unfair.

We seriously doubt the existence of women in this society with so many biases, and we wonder why and how we are still here.

Changes in modern times

In the present time, things have changed. Even in other nations, tremendous agitation led to the independence that women today enjoy. However, in our nation, rather than as a result of a revolutionary mindset, such independence as is experienced by Indian women is the outcome of a social shift.

Indian women emerged from the kitchen and assumed a position of equality with males as a result of the development of education and financial necessity. Today, women are free to engage in normal daily activities like as education, public affairs engagement, jobs in both the private and public sectors, and so on.

People have differing views on the effects of granting women this kind of freedom. Many people, including many educated and intellectual people, believe that as freedom and liberty are enjoyed, morality is declining. They would allow no liberties to be taken with their womanhood while being acquainted with males. Many people still value showing respect to their elders.


While carrying out such sex-based discrimination, not only the government but also the literate citizens and even the illiterate should understand the humanitarian perspective and be more liberal and view gender as merely a part of life and not the reason to live. It is best to concentrate on the grassroots level and begin with the most fundamental level, which is the family. From there, it will be carried forward by religion, then by the community, and finally by a nation, and it will also contribute to the prosperity of the nation. There won’t be any social movements where the girls of our country come out on the streets to demand the rights they deserve. On the part of the government, the nation’s sovereign is required to implement laws properly with some deterrent measures so that anyone who stands with a crime against any woman can be treated as he deserves to be treated, rather than to create more laws to protect women.

Every boy and man in our society should be taught that there is no difference between a man and a woman and that you should keep them happy and allow them to live as they please, letting them fly as they please, so that we can have an India where women can easily obtain the respect and honor they deserve, taking their rightful place in society where they do not fall below men but rather stand equal to them, and where men and women can coexist peacefully.

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