What is Vagina tightening surgery?

What is Vagina tightening surgery?

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Vagina tightening surgery, Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure to tighten up or reconstruct the vagina. Sometimes a vaginoplasty procedure is needed to remove the growth of malignants to restore the original structure of the vagina. Labiaplasty is a discrete surgery performed to alter the appearance of the vulva or a subordinate procedure within a vaginoplasty. 

Vaginoplasty has become a very general procedure in recent times. Many women are kind of conscious about the appearance of their intimate region due to injury, childbirth, or the aging process. This consciousness might be because of embarrassment, and loss of sensitivity during sexual intercourse for both partners involved. Surgery can bring back the tone, strength, sensitivity, and control over the pelvic region. Vaginoplasty surgery has also been considered by transgenders or individuals who seek gender affirmation and also by women who have congenital abnormalities by birth. 

 Vaginoplasty process 


Before surgery, the patient undergoes a physical examination to access their health. Patients will be asked to alter some lifestyle habits to avoid post-surgery risks like alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. Patients will be educated about the post-surgery effects before taking them onto the table. 

For transgender patients, there will be a genital cleanup process followed by a physical checkup to make sure, they meet the requirements of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

In post-childbirth vaginal rejuvenation, extra skin is removed and stitched up to secure loose parts or depth of the vagina. Reduce the opening size of the vagina. 

In the congenital abnormalities removal process, creating a functional vagina by removing excess tissue or abnormal structure and preventing blood pooling. 

As part of gender affirmation surgery, the male genitalia is removed and reconfigured. The skin from the male genitalia is used to create the vagina and labia. 

Side effects of vaginoplasty surgery

The usual side effects are painful intercourse, numbness, and loss of sensation for a while. Though gender affirmation surgery is a relief for those with mental health issues and gender Dysphoria. The usual side effects are Vaginal stenosis (abnormalities in tissue formation), inadequate depth of vagina, Vesicovaginal fistula(Abnormal connection between the vagina and urinary tract), rectovaginal (Abnormal connection between vagina and rectum), Nerve injury and improper cosmetic surgery, etc. 

Outlook of the surgery 

The recovery stage lasts for somewhere between a few weeks to a few months. Post-surgical care is recommended based on the type of surgery. In some cases, doctors recommend dilators, to maintain the length and depth of the vagina. 

Consult your doctor when there are any signs of bleeding, blood clots, excess pain that isn't responding to medication, or any side effects. 

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