What to avoid when trying to get pregnant?

What to avoid when trying to get Pregnant?

What to avoid when trying to get pregnant?_ichhori.webP

Getting pregnant and conceiving a healthy baby is one of the biggest blessings any mother can ever have! But amid this excitement and process, we often forget that we need to stick to some foods and neglect others. Getting pregnant might get tricky many times. Many women have to go through a long process & have to make certain changes in their lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping habits, and other things just to conceive a healthy baby. Many couples subscribe through online parental websites but often forget that they need to make changes all by themselves. So always do your research before trusting anybody and it's highly advisable to visit the nutritionist or gynecologist and take proper inputs from them on what should be done in your case. 

In this article today you're going to get well-versed in all the things that you should avoid while you're in the process of getting pregnant. 

What to avoid when trying to get pregnant?

Here is a list of certain things that you should strictly avoid when you are trying to get pregnant. 

  1. Being inactive or being too much physically active: Always know that excess of anything is bad for your health. This doesn't mean that you will stop exercising, meditating, and doing yoga aerobics. What I meant to say here is that you need to keep a balance of how much you exercise daily. It's because too much exercise can make hormonal changes in your body that can put a halt to the ovary's growth. But in case you are overweight then obviously putting on some weight by doing exercise daily will help you in getting good reproductive health that indeed will help you in getting pregnant easily.

  1. Minimizing Alcohol Intake: Always note that alcohol might act as a poison. If you are trying to conceive 

and know the fact that 90% of pregnancies in India are unplanned so you might be enjoying a party but you might get drunk and have sexual intercourse with the partner and might get pregnant. So in case you have consumed a lot of alcohol then it might affect the baby in every stage of life. Anyways alcohol is not a good drink for your health as well so avoid it as much as you can. 

  1. Increasing intake of multivitamins: Prenatal vitamins are best proven to treat birth-related defects. It might be neural tube defects etc. Consume these vitamins daily of at least 400 grams. It is so because it said that while you are in that stage of becoming pregnant these vitamins have a lot of Folic acids that might help you get better reproductive health that might ease your worries. 

  1. Planning Too late to become a mother: Most women feel that planning their first pregnancy after 30-35 years of age is going to be a good idea. But believe me, it's not going to do any good to your reproductive health. It is so because with increasing age your tendency to conceive and have a normal pregnancy decreases. So doctors always advise you to have your first baby between 24 to 27 years of age and that is considered the best age to get pregnant when you have the best reproductive health and ovary formation is at the best stage. The more you delay the pregnancy process, the more complications are going to occur in your path. Also in severe cases, there might be a concern where it gets very difficult for a woman to get pregnant even after undergoing so many treatments or taking so many medications and performing all the remedies that have been taught to her by the health care experts.

  1. Becoming overweight or underweight: Gaining access weight or being underweight can have a direct impact on reproductive health. And it might bring a lot of complications in your further pregnancy stage. It's always better to take care of your health by eating good dietary foods and performing all those activities that can help you gain a healthy weight so that you can stay away from being overweight or underweight. It would be a better idea if you consult a nutritionist who can help you out with proper planning strategies on how you can come back to normal weight. This way your ovaries production will not get affected and you will become pregnant as soon as possible.

  1. Avoiding medicines: Always note the fact that in case of getting stressed out about not getting good reproductive health creates complications in your pregnancy that have no relation to your ongoing medications. So it's not advised to stop the current medications that have been advised to you by the health care experts, carry on with them, and take the expert's advice on how you can complete your dose and then proceed with the conceiving process. It is because stopping our current medications could lead to an increase in health issues and because of it your baby might get badly affected.

Key Takeaways 

We learned in this article how the smallest of lifestyle changes can bring big blessings to our life. Moreover just by quitting smoking or alcohol intake or you know by maintaining a healthy period cycle you can get so much closer to becoming pregnant. But to get something we always have to give something in return. Reduce all the negative habits you have whether it's eating too much or eating too low or not eating the right food or not exercising or exercising too much etc. This time you need to think that it's not only for you but for your upcoming child as well so you need to be as attentive to your life as much as you can. Even stress anxiety and fear of depression can prove to be very harmful things for the upcoming child even if they can stop you from getting pregnant too. So you need to take care of every smallest detail of your life and walk in the right manner.



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