How to keep your vag clean?:Vulvar Care

As they say, the best smell on the earth is the body smell. If you smell well, you can get even saints to have wet dreams. As much as guys like the smell of your perfume, they dislike the bad smell of your body parts. When you get close and intimate, the magnetic smell of your body parts can make that moment a memorable one. On the contrary, if you have smelly body parts, no matter how beautiful you are, you will never be able to enjoy the natural intimacy you have ever dreamed of. In our Indian society we are taught not to even talk about private parts of our body and we are so obedient that we actually follow the tradition and do not say a word about private parts. And this brings us to a practical problem of hiding our vagina and it even becomes smelly because if we cant even talk about it then how can you expect us to wash it. Like you take bath daily to keep your body fresh, you brush your teeth daily to keep the mouth fresh and kissable (oh yes!), you need to keep your vagina clean and fresh.  An unhealthy and unhygienic vagina can take you to a hospital and needless to say that it will not let you get much action from your guy either. Let us share some tips with you to keep your flower clean and attractive.

Wash with luke warm water:

It is suggested to give your vagina a good wash with luke warm water. If you keep it washed with warm water on a regular basis, you don’t need anything else to wash it. Soaps and other chemical based items should be avoided. The vagina is a very delicate part and it needs delicate handling and care. If required, a mild soap and vaginal wash can be used. Do not forget to give it a good wash after you get a good action in bed.

Let it free:


It is a taboo to talk about the vagina, to look at the vagina and to your vagina. So Indian girls keep it hidden behind the layers of cloths. At times, it needs to be kept free for a while so that it can breathe the natural air. The clean air flow is required to keep it smell free, infection and germs free.

Pick the cotton:


When going for your undergarment shopping try picking cotton underwears. Cotton is body comfort fabric and will not cause any damage. So its good to go with cotton. When its hot and humid, cotton makes even a better sense for the soft and delicate private prts of a female body.


During periods, infection is always a possibility as hence it becomes almost necessary to keep good hygiene during those days of the month. Make sure you clean your vagina every few hours during the periods. Change your pads and tampons on time and keep the area clean.

Big NO to underwears:

Private part are always hidden and then you cover your most delicate part under a wet underwear to add to the disaster. Wering a wet underwear is a big no as it might help you get rashes and other infections. Under garments must be of cotton or other soft fabric and must be free of any kind of germs.

Wash before and after sex:


Physical intimacy is supreme form of magic which god has created for the mankind. You got be ready to feel the special moment and keeping your delicate part fresh and clean will definitely dd to the moment. Make yourself confortable and confident before locking the lips and wash your pink flower properly with a suitable solution. It can jyst be washed with luke warm wayer before and after sex. You will realise that just a wash gives you so much comfort and your man gets to see the heaven through thhe action.

Trim, shave or wax:


Guys can have a thing for bushes but most of them like it shaved (yah, they wouldn’t really say this!). screw the guys for a change and focus on your hygiene. Get rid of your thick bushes and go unnatural. Use that fancy razor and go clean. You will be fresh, clean and hygienic and most importantly, your guy will have extra smile on his face when he gets intimate with you.

You need to realize that you are gifted with the most delicate, sensitive and most attractive thing created by the God. It’s the pink flower which has the power to dethrone the kings. You are the queen who controls the world through this part and hence it is your responsibility to keep it healthy and refreshing. Let it breathe and let it create the life!

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