What to wear in Monsoon? Footwear

Monsoon season is here and I know for sure that you love to jump into the rain water every now and then! Or you are the kind of girl who is very scared of getting the shoes wet on a rainy road. Either ways you got to have a very good and suitable pair of shoes in this season of monsoon. May be you want to have some fun in the rain and may be you don’t want even a single drop of rain on your favorite pair of shoes. For both the types, let us help you find a suitable pair of footwear which you can wear and walk around in rain without worrying too much about your feet and your shoes-



Flip flops can really be the most comfortable footwear for the monsoons. This casual pair can be funky, colourful and can add a perfect vibe to your look. This pair is very sturdy for the monsoon and is very easy to clean if gets into mud. This pair is cool, funky and easy to carry. This kind of footwear can only be good for a casual wear but for formal or office wear, it is a big NO.

Slip-on footwear:


This cute little pair of shoes can make anyone look elegant and pretty in monsoon season. Whether it’s a casual wear or the demand of an official attire, this pair will not disappoint you for either of the occasion. Because of its versatile material, its easy to store, easy to carry and easy to clean. This type of footwear comes in great variety and you get to choose from a huge pool of options. They are also pocket-friendly which allows you to enjoy the monsoon even more. So and have your pick today.

High heels:


People say monsoon is no heel period, buts its wrong and you can pick heels in monsoon too. This can be perfect choice for a formal look or even for a high pitch monsoon party. Heels will allow you to walk in the rain with confidence without worrying about rainy water touhing your feet. So avoid that muddy and messy feet and walk high with heels. You don’t need to hide your already hidden Marilyn Monroe anymore!

Rain boots:

rain boots

If you are wearing rain boots and not having fun in the rain, people might just think that you are weird! And why blame them? Aferall monsoon is a season for fun and romance. So put on your boots and have heaps of fun. You can choose bright colors such as red or yellow or even black and flaunt them as much as you want. Let the boots attract all the attention while you dance in the rain.

Boots, flip-flops, sandals, slip-on etc can be your choices this monsoon. Chhori you select the colour and size of your choice and set a fashion trend up. Have a happy monsoon and happy feet!

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