My Family: My Headquarter!

Companies have headquarters where the key employees need to report to, without any exceptions. Likewise, we, the girls also have the headquarter, called home, where we ALWAYS need to report to our parents. The only difference is that the employees can change their companies if they want to but girls can’t change their families, can they?

This happens in most of the families that have girls as members. Headquarter bosses (read parents) say that it’s only for security purpose but the actual reason is different. We are girls and there are some boundaries that society have decided for us. It is good if we are abiding by the family laws but if you ever try to go beyond the boundary line then society will make your life hell. Not even your family will support you in this situation. I personally feel bad about reporting to the family for every small or routine thing because rules are different for every person in my family. I mean, my brother has the different set of rules as he never has to explain where he is going and how soon he will be back in the evening/night.

I am a mature girl and have been searching for this answer for last 10 years. Of course, you also might have tried to look for answers for these inappropriate things in our lives. Can’t really find the answers, can we? And how can we? After all it’s a Men’s world. When I asked my bosses (parents) they said this is all for my security. I don’t how “not living a life” keeps me safe and how exactly my clothes or skin can automatically attract the potential rapists. When I go out with a trustworthy person, I always thought I will be safe, but not the strangers, trustworthy people all of a sudden, seem to turn into rapists. I don’t know why this happens.


Yes! This is our moral society’s orthodox rule. I am a mature girl of our society and I can marry some stranger because my parents have chosen him for me. I can marry that random guy and can have sex and obviously can have kids with him BUT I cannot live a normal life which I always wanted to. Because I am a GIRL a chhori who is considered morally good only if she follows the illogical and biased rules set up by the bosses of the society.


And it does not stop just here. Before marriage, we need to report to our parents or big brother but after marriage, headquarter changes and our in-laws and the husband become new bosses. And the reporting continues. The irony is that we are not even asked about these big decisions of our OWN life; we are just told whenever it happens. It is like we live our lives on ‘Need to Know’ basis. Are we the slaves for life? Where’s our own little life in this LIFE?

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