How to be Confident? Just be Be You

It’s not easy being a woman. Be proud if you are born a woman. I know it’s hard at the beginning of each year; I set professional goals that I share with no one else, mainly to allow myself the freedom of audacity. I aim high setting my stretch goals so far outside of what looks possible that I get little scared just thinking about them. Much to my surprise, I’ve reached more of that stretch goal than I ever accomplished when I kept within modest safe boundaries.

When we stretch ourselves outside of our own confidence, when we are willing to live on the edge of our ability, there is energy, a drive that isn’t present within the confines of safe life. And using personal achievement as a catalyst to create an opportunity for other is just as important. Fulfilment does not lie within the fountain provision and safety. It lies in the joy carrying other forward as a result of our own journey.

Finding role modal who exhibits proof that it is possible to build illustrate careers, while carrying others forward, has helped me broaden my perspective. Some are dear friends and mentors while other simply inspires me by how they are choosing to spend their lives.

So, how can you be an inspiring woman?

Radiant humble confidence:

This is not as easy as it sounds. But someone who works hard enough (yes, acquiring confidence is hard work), has self-awareness, and is conscious of and connected to those around them, is exuding true modest assurance, and that’s inspiring.

Embrace your imperfection: Try to use your strength. Make yourself better. As a female you can use your ability to read the reactions of people and improve if you need to.


Be authentic: Just be you. It’s really that simple. The most inspiring women are those who are honest in their thoughts and in their actions. Interactions with inspiring women always feel genuine.

Your creativity is important: women, who inspire, are always unique and funny in their own way. So, don’t be so serious every time and stay happy. Your inner creativity helps you to connect with people. The best example of this trait is Twinkle Khanna alias Mrs Funny Bones.



Okay, let me guess, what you might find surprising? Which women inspire you? She may be your mother, your sister, your mother-in-law, your daughter, your teacher, that gynecologist, and so many other women that you encounter throughout a normal day. Don’t look at newspapers, magazines and in other places, just look around yourself and you will find them.

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