Sex Before Marriage ?: Why #Virginity of girls is such a big issue!

Do you know, there are people in this world who use white bed sheet on the wedding night to check whether the girl/bride is #virgin or not!

A girl is supposed to be virgin till she gets married. If she is not a virgin, she gets judged. boys want to get married to virgin girls only. what if girls start demanding the same status for boys? Boys can have sex with as many women as they want before getting married but a girl can not. If she does, she gets labelled as slut, prostitute, bad character etc. going by the logic its the guy who should be called a prostitute as he had sex with multiple women before marriage!

In countries like India, middle east and some of the African countries, virginity is considered to be a sacred thing. if a girl is virgin, she is treated as if she is the most cultured and moral human being around.

iChhori team went out on the streets of Delhi and talked to girls about the importance and relevance of virginity in today's world. lets find out what these young girls of India have to say about virginity-



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