What are the best health devices and apps for women?

'Health is our Wealth' - Covid-19 disease caused due to the coronavirus has taught this thing beyond any doubt! Whether it's men or women, a girl or a boy or any creature on this earth has suffered a lot due to the Corona virus. Well, we can't deny the fact that women need special care though as compared to men. 

Women are the ones who have suffered a lot because of the pandemic. Starting from the household work, taking care of her baby and family members to trying to be the best contributor in her office - she has been a SUPERSTAR! She deserves an award for the way she tries to be the superwoman and the backbone of her family. 

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-Ignoring her menstruation pain, she cooks…

-Ignoring her pregnancy pain, she never forgets to take care of you…

-Ignoring the gender biases, she still managed to cook as well as contribute at least some amount to her family….

But what she does for us, day and night….can we compensate for that? I guess, no! But we can surely help her in prioritizing her health too before anybody else. 

According to the health researchers, - 'Majority of the women can end up skipping the most important thing I.e., taking care of her health.' 

To stop this constraint, we have compiled a list of health monitoring devices for helping women to take special care of their health. 

What are the best health devices for women?

Human beings have traveled a long way in the future - where we all have access to 90% of the doraemon (A cartoon show) Gadgets - let's make the best use of it today!

Researchers say, - 'The market of the 'Women Health Tracking Devices' will be almost $50 billion by the year 2025.

A helpful and fully beneficial health trackers list has been given below -

  • Embr Wave

A beautiful bracelet named the Embr Wave does the work exactly as what its name indicates! It's although is available for both men and women but some of the particular features are specially designed for tracking and monitoring the health of women only. 


  • Designed by the Startup - MIT spin-off
  • Featured with the heating and cooling protocols
  • Enables to warm and cool the Wrist spot in the women body
  • Holds the 16 temperature zeal - allowing you to be comfortable on office, while public transport, etc
  • Helpful for women who are prone to chronic diseases and skin-related problems like skin burn in excess sun rays. It will help to control the temperature according to the situation. 

  • Elvie Pump

The updated version of the  Elvie pump has been recently released by the Elvie Trainer. It's made by keeping in the mind the serious concerns about the tired moms nowadays after breastfeeding their children. 

With the relaxation it provides, by fitting into the bra with no need for the tubes or wires, it holds a special place in the minds of breastfeeding moms.  


  • Discreet and sleek design
  • Eases the problem of getting frustrated due to pumping into the public area
  • Suitable to be worn with the nursing bra
  • Consists of the five different parts which contribute to easy pumping
  • Extensively easy to clean and take out along together
  • Helps in the monitoring of the milk on a real-time basis - this shall be done via connecting it to an accompanying app
  • Also, help to keep a track of the history of pumping 

  • PillDrill

PillDrill - Known to be a pillbox for 21st-century women! It keeps track of what medications are needed to be taken by you in a day meant for all the purposes, especially for birth control purposes.



  • Enables you for creating a schedule for the medicine
  • Works in connection with an app 
  • Provides the audio as well as the visual alert
  • Offers the indications or warnings each time you fail or forgets to take the pills
  • Also detects the mood cubes

  • Ava bracelet

One of the best wearables to help women track their health in terms of fertility and hormonal disbalances if any. 

According to one of the studies done in one of the hospitals of some university at Zurich found that - 'With the 89% accuracy, Ava is extremely beneficial in detecting the 5.3 fertile days from the monthly menstruation cycle in women. Adding to this, they revealed that it will also help the women in keeping a track of the conceiving chances by her on the monthly basis.'


  • Launched in the year 2016
  • It's a pregnancy and a tech wearable bracelet 
  • Refers to as - 'Fit bit for fertility
  • Consists of the vibrating alarm
  • Perfectly helps to indicate the five major women elements I.e., Resting heart rate, Temperature, Perfusion, Changes in the Heart Rate, & the Respiratory value
  • Helps to monitor the hormonal cycles

  • Next Gen Jane

It's an extremely amazing application that gets you to detect even the smallest problems in the shortest time possible that are often labeled and mixed with the name of menstrual cramps. 


  • Helps women with the smart tampons
  • Its powerful features encourage the user with the detection of the early signs of endometriosis and other complications 
  • Beneficial in analyzing the  Genomic Signals & the cells

  • iTBra

Once it's developed, it's going to invade the market like nobody else! The best results it shows by taking care of your breast are mind blowing. 

According to the research-based reports, - "The Medicine X group, Stanford along with the Ohio State University were the first entities to perform the initial examinations of this bra. 

As per them, it proved out to be extremely successful in detecting breast-related problems with 87% of the effectiveness. Also, the mammogram's detection rate is lower than iTBra I.e., 83%."


  • It will come into the market soon, undergoing the development process; this small bra will enable the detection of breast cancer signs at the early stage in life!
  • Checks the abnormality in the breast cells
  • Heat sensors attached to the bra helps to check the circadian temperature
  • Wearing this bra is mandatory to make the abnormalities check-in facility in her breast
  • Generally takes less than 24 hours to detect the symptoms of danger in the breast that might lead to the breast cancer 

  • Garmin

The latest versatile and eye-catching watches are developed by Garmin to help women in tracking their menstrual cycles and to get alert and mentally prepared as soon as they arrived!

Numerous other wearable devices have been made via the Garmin which are unisex meant for both men and women. 


  • Enables tracking the women's menstruation cycle 
  • Helps in managing the mood swings when a woman is going through her menstruation
  • With the help of the Garmin Connect app, tracking can be done
  • Reliable & easy to use

Even on her menstruation, she seems to be involved in the household work ignoring her cramps and clotting. We have traveled a long way where everything related to providing ease is possible. Now is the right time to encourage all the women to start monitoring their health silently. All the devices mentioned above will be fruitful for a healthy life ahead as they will help you detect any illnesses at the moment which moving further can be treated. 

You stay strong girl...leave the rest of your worries on these health tracking gadgets!



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