Why people are going for cosmetic surgery during pandemic?

Why people are going for cosmetic surgery during pandemic?


The privacy advantages of staying at home during a pandemic have not gone unnoticed by those considering cosmetic surgery.


A number of leading surgeons have reported an increase in the number of patients seeking procedures in recent weeks, as they can recover in the comfort and privacy of their own homes  or hide their treatment behind a mask or work from home. 


Why people are going for cosmetic surgery during pandemic?_ichhori.com

Despite the fact that many businesses were forced to close during the lockdown, several clinics were able to stay open by implementing stricter health and safety measures such as mandatory Covid-19 tests and regular thorough cleaning, according to the BBC.


Facial procedures were discovered to be the most popular, with clinics in the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Australia reporting an increase in requests for lip fillers, Botox, face lifts, and nose jobs.


"I chose to have procedures done while I was in quarantine because it allowed me to heal at my own pace," Aaron Hernandez, who had lip fillers and buccal (cheek) fat removed in Los Angeles, told the BBC.


"Getting my lips done is not something that all men do, so some people may find it unusual. As a result, I preferred to stay at home and recover completely, with no one knowing what work I had done once I’m out."


Patients are now taking advantage of not having to be seen in public due to the immediate aftereffects of cosmetic procedures, which frequently include swelling or bruising.


"They can actually recover at home, and they can also have a mask that they wear when they go outside after a rhinoplasty or facelift," Rod J Rohrich, a cosmetic surgeon in Texas, explained.


People want to get back to their normal lives, and part of that includes looking as good as they feel.

According to BK Hospital in Seoul, there has been an increase in locals booking treatments.


Despite Covid-19, patients began to feel safe and comfortable having surgery. The number of patients is steadily increasing,” a spokesperson stated.


Despite the presence of coronavirus, the number is expected to increase by half when compared to the same season last year.


In conclusion, there is rise of cosmetic surgery amid covid-19 pandemic. Lastly, the ability of cosmetic procedures to aesthetically improve appearances and help patients' minds alone makes it a significant part of the foreseeable future.

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