#KoffeeWithKaran: The dad-daughter Duo

In the modern times, the relationship between a father and a daughter is like a transformation now. Our fathers are our superheroes. A daughter is still going to search her father in her husband always and always. Because she knows that there’s only one man in this world who’s never going to hurt her.

Here are the most trending episode moments of Koffee with Karan- The sacred games actor Saif Ali Khan and the stunning and upcoming actress who is first seen in this episode with her father.

  1. How she argues with her father is amusing.


They both talk about patience and the argument they go through is so fun to look at. Yes, there are not always the mature discussions but also yelling and screaming too. Saif also talks about the last argument that he had with her daughter and Sara got offended and clear, that she is very patient.

  1. How they talk about the modern family situation.


It is good to see how comfortable they have made their daughter throughout and not suppressing her emotions but allowed her to say whatever she feels. She’s happy to see her father and mother happy, but not together and how she doesn’t have any problem with Kareena. Saif is surrounded by the most understanding women in her life. It’s kinda cool to see that how they’ve handled everything with great maturity!

  1. How happiness is their priority


The way Sara explains that how happiness should be everyone’s priority and she just feels happy for everyone first and nothing else.

  1. When they talk about googly-woogly Kareena


Everyone knows how Saif is into art and Kareena is an extrovert person and a fashionista altogether. They talk about how she did get bored when they went to the museum and all she wanted to go shopping or dinner.

  1. Saif gave a note to his ex-wife on his wedding day

He tells that he wrote a letter to Amrita to confess that he’s going to begin a new chapter in his life and he wishes all the happiness to her. Kareena felt so cool about and they again prove that they represent modern family situations every day.

  1. When they talk about the chubby Sara Ali Khan


The hilarious scenes of this episode were when we see Sara’s video when she was a chubby girl and her father funs around this conversation.

  1. And the most hilarious moment, when he talks about the priorities to get her daughter.


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