An Indian Professional tennis player, Sania Mirza has won six grand slam titles in her career. She has also won a total of 14 medals (including 6 Gold) at three major multi-sport events, namely the Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games and the Afro Asian Games. Talking about the relationship between Sania and Shoaib, we have heard so many tales of their marriage and love which went viral because it was Love across borders. It was interesting to see cross nation love story of Sania and Shoaib. They fought for their marriage which redefines love.


Shoaib and Sania were there for each other during the hardships of their life. She was battling up with her injuries and the broken engagement with her childhood friend Sohrab Mirza and Shoaib after their defeat in Australia served with a one-year long ban. The two controversies fell in love and got married after five months of courtship.


But the controversies didn’t leave them even after they got hitched, their wedding got labelled as a very quick decision but Sania says,

“People can date a person for years but break up as soon as they get married. It happens a lot in Hyderabad, and it happens in the circles we move around in. Some people can date each other for a month and get married. I know many couples like that and they have kids today. Destiny! We were lucky we found each other, decided quickly and felt the same way about one another.”

Their love emerged even stronger after facing all the controversies about if Sania would leave her nationality and people tried harder to call off their wedding. Now they have been blessed with a baby boy and we can see how they are embracing parenthood and welcome the first child into their life.

She even broke the stereotypes by coming forward during her pregnancy very gracefully and beautifully. Still not caring about the controversies, she is indeed a Real woman!


What we can see now after facing all the negative shit by the people that how they’re going to enjoy the best achievement of their life, their son, Izhaan. We can see how the mother and the sun watching Shoaib in the biggest match. There can be no blissful blessing more than this.


They have shown that in a relationship, no mindset or negative thoughts or voices can make the love weaker, rather it makes their love even stronger. They have shown that there is no logic in explaining your love to the world. When you’re in love, nothing matters.

We wish them and their baby all the happiness in this world.

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