Yet again it is proved that women are working in a right direction. Maybe we are taking baby steps but it takes “drop by drop to fill a pitcher” so does it may take ages to win the battle completely but eventually, the victory is determined. Supreme court yet again this year, has set the benchmark for our constitution and sustain the belief of people on our system.


It was believed that the ban of Women from the age of 10 to 50 in Sabarimala temple of Kerala was because of so many conventional aspects of that time. But they have been proved to be unconventional to this Era so the issue has been shifted to gender discrimination. Irrespective of the Supreme Court’s verdict many believers of Lord Ayyappa are still protesting because they believe, Lord Ayyappa being a celibate deity, it is against their moral notion to allow women into the shrine. We know that it is important to respect everyone’s sensibilities but God is God for everybody. If he himself never biased us on any basis then who are we to do that? Every type of discrimination has been cooked up by mankind and the irony is we take God as our medium for hoaxes. Most of all, people can do anything in the name of God even sacrifice their lives without a second thought. So, it has become a snapping-your-finger task for the messengers of God to convince people to do things according to them just by keeping God’s name at the first place. But now through some past experiences, people are getting too aware of all the scams done by corrupted so-called God’s messenger.


There is one more aspect to be believed to exist due to which women were prohibited to enter. Long ago when India used to be a tiger country, at that time it was asked to women to not visit such places because tigers can easily smell women. To protect any such injury prevention had been taken care of, but now the scenario is completely different and for that matter of fact if we see today, only one aspect can be withdrawn from not entering women and that is Gender Inequality.


There is a subtle need for every gender to stand for their rights. If our own book- Constitution- doesn’t discriminate and give permission to exercise all our rights to everyone, irrespective of gender, then we stand nowhere to go against. If a woman can give birth to a baby it symbolizes she can do anything in this world because FYI a human body can bear only up to 45 del (unit) of pain but a woman feels up to 57 del (del) while giving birth. I guess this information is more than enough to tell the strength of a woman. So never underestimate the power of a SUPERWOMAN.


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