Types of Boyfriends


In this world full of treachery, we often long for someone whom we can trust thoroughly and for that matter of fact we search for someone with whom we can make our future bright and this hunt starts basically when we enter our adolescence. When girls like boys they often hesitate to make the first move because in the mind set of our society girls cannot make first move as there exist some bullshit social norms and if she does she’s been termed as horny, slut, prostitute, whore and what not. Why two sets of rule?


Today we are going to talk about various kinds of boyfriends that we all encounter in one way or another either by dating them or by hearing about them. This world is full of dating or seeing each other and during that we encounter some philanderers who are so magnanimous that they know how to impress a girl just over texting and one girlfriend isn’t enough for them. The boys under this category don’t even recognize how bad it could get rather they want to increase their score card which enhances their position among the other boys who are also giving 100% of hard work for the same. These boys are one of a kind and they think it is too cool to be a playboy and believe me they are injected by flirt in place of blood.


Then comes the boys who are overall too cute to be with but one habit destroys their inner being and that habit is something no girl in this world can tackle with i.e. Possessiveness. Uuuurrgghhh! Doesn’t pronouncing this word irritates a well-being? But girls there is one advantage of such boys one can never miss one’s parents at any cost. Moreover you cannot be touchy to even your brothers because they point out your character before the society does. Basically they represent society, so how can you even think that they won’t exercise their rights. Special fundamental right has been given to them Right to Restrict your girlfriends’ freedom. Duh!!


Then come those who are injected by jaggery. You can see sugar dripping off even from their sweat and FYI boys; girls don’t want to be diabetes patient at this tender age. Why can’t you be what you really are? Girls do not like above mentioned boys and if you think they do, then this is nothing more than a myth. Girls want someone with whom they can emotionally connect, who respect her, support her and most of all understand her even if her own family don’t. And then love has its own whereabouts.


It is just not easy to impress a girl, boys just take your asses off and work on yourself for a better being then only you will be eligible for being someone’s partner.

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