Movie Review: Sierra Burgess is a loser #SierraBurgessIsALoser

The most trending and newest NETFLIX movie of 2018 in which Shanon Purser gave a truly grounded, engaging performance.  Her character is realistic, which is being felt by every other girl. This movie tells you that High School is hard, dating can be hard too but finding yourself is the hardest thing to do.

This movie is a must watch in your lists women, if you’re also the one who’s depressed and unhappy with their body, looks or even your weird personality. If someone mocks you for your imperfections, then imperfect is their thinking, not you.

There is this scene in this movie which can physically hit you.


That sobbing tho!

The most adorable thing about this movie is that it takes a heart and an emotional connection to fall for a person but not their body or looks. The movie’s reviews are mixed, some people believe that she needed to apologise to Veronica and Jamey for what she did. But what the other aspect of this movie which is hidden is that how the people around her made her feel horrible and sometimes when you’re upset you’ve no idea what you’re doing to people around you.

Veronica is the best character, look just at the way she grew up and changed. Then she also pushed away Jamey and she immediately regretted the kiss, she helped Sierra after all that shit. This movie really has different aspects which inspire you in a different way. Veronica is such a real character; she has that depth and growth in the movie.

This movie borrows the basic elements from that 19th century, and it is more fairy tale than tragic romance.

This movie shows the two main girl characters Sierra and Veronica, differently. Sierra is dumb while Veronica grows as a person and also as a friend but Sierra unintentionally gives reasons to us to not love that character much.

One of the tweets that we go through was this-


This is right to an extent but how these girl characters are shown is impressive too. How Sierra deals with the society who mocks her about her looks and on the contrary, she kisses Jamey even without his consent which shows that this character is kind but mean.

This movie may fails in many levels but the characters doesn’t.


As a “legacy student,” Sierra is faced with unfair expectations from her own school. As the oldest daughter of a superficial mom, Veronica is encouraged to be the ditzy popular girl stereotype. The character of Sierra is quite impressive; she is loaded with emotions in many scenes.

Though she tries to change herself by starting to work out with her friend, but gives up and in the ending she still gets the guy she loved, is the adorable thing to see in this movie. She finally becomes the sunflower of his life.


Watch this movie and share your reviews too!

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