Male Harassment: How Serious Are We About It

Even google can't pop up the harassment of men, then how can the world get to know that any inappropriate actions done to men are also harassment.

You may take it as a joke when a gay or any guy touches another guy inappropriately without his consent but it is harassment.

Why don't we understand the real meaning of equality?

Equality is when you give equal rights to both men and women & any wrong thing or action done to both of them is wrong. People are degrading the real meaning of feminism by spreading the other wrong concepts. Nowadays, being a feminist means you consider women superior to men and what everything is done by men is wrong. NO. Feminism is equality; no one is superior to the other gender.

Despite the consequences that cause from sexual harassment whether it involves men or women, harassment is wrong. And harassment done on men is never taken seriously. It is being taken as a fun. Women deal with sexual harassment and there are a growing number of cases of both men and women harassing male employees have emerged and isn't taken up that seriously.

If we stand for the women, that doesn't mean that we want to degrade men. We want equality between both of them and that should be the real motto of everyone's life.  Safety of both the genders is necessary.

People should be aware of harassment among men & women both and also give proper knowledge to the people about what actually feminism is.

Some men don't report about being sexually harassed because they're afraid of being mocked and this is what our society does. When it's done to women they show their fake grief and don't take any further actions to stop that and when it's being done to men, they take it as a joke.

The question is where is Humanity? Only humanity can lead to Equality and this is how the mind-sets of society grow.
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