Tahira Kashyap diagnosed with cancer again

After overcoming the STAGE 0 cancer with a mastectomy, who shared her post of bravery that she's going to kick cancer out of her body and she did that.

But she has again been diagnosed with STAGE 1 Breast Cancer for which she'll going to have 12 sessions of chemotherapy, 6 down and 6 are still pending.

She dedicates her journey to her best friend, husband and her parents which is really remarkable.  Being strong is the only basic foundation of her life now, and how we all know that she's again going to kick cancer out of her body yet again.

She's a really strong woman who's facing hardships in her life. While her husband is on the top nowadays, it is amazing to see that how he is managing to be with her in the busy schedule of his life.

In her earlier post, she thanks her husband from the core of her heart.  Every woman really deserves to have a gentleman like him.

She's the real inspiration and her strength is the basic element of her journey.

We wish her fast recovery and may she live a healthy life again.

Pics: Google
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