10 best books that change our lives

Every year we go through lists of best books, movies and songs throughout the year.  And having a list of best is a precious thing to have at the end of the year.


  1. Becoming by Michelle Obama

The former first lady’s long-awaited new memoir recounts with insight, candor and wit her family’s trajectory from the Jim Crow South to Chicago’s South Side and her own improbable journey from there to the White House.

  1. Those who knew : A Novel by Idra Novey

Idra Novey has written a story about power. It's called "Those Who Knew." And it begins in the aging port city of an unnamed island nation 10 years after the fall of a brutal regime.

  1. The sadness of Beautiful Things: Stories

“Simon Van Booy writes wonderful stories that surprise and uplift,  that hold our attention all the way with subtle revelations about life in all its astounding contradictions: its sorrows and joys.”

  1. Everything's Trash, But It's Okay by Phoebe Robinson

From New York Times bestselling author and star of 2 Dope Queens , Phoebe Robinson, comes a new, hilarious, and timely essay collection on gender, race, dating, and a world that seems to always be a self-starting Dumpster fire.

  1. Lake Success: A Novel  

The novel? bold ambition to capture the nation and the era is enriched by its shrewd attention to the challenges and sorrows of parenthood.

  1. A Whistle-Stop Tour of Ancient India by Nayanjot Lahiri. Published by Hachette.

“The human past can be written about with as much brevity or elaboration as one wants.”

  1. The Sultanpur Chronicles: Shadowed City by Achala Upendran. Published by Hachette India.

The Sultanpur Chronicles opened to a wonderful new fantasy series that I look forward to reading. It is a great convergence of fantasy along with elements of romance, adventure and action, modernity, and so on.

  1. The Queen of Jasmine Country by Sharanya Manivannan

The honey of devotion with its sweetness of mystical love enthrall your senses and enraptures your heart in the trance of sublime ecstasy.

The book maps the life journey of 9th century poetess Kodhai, one of the twelve Alvars saints who composed poems in praise of the Almighty.

  1. Feel free by Zadie Smith

Over the course of the book, Smith repeatedly describes the self as a malleable and porous construct with boundaries subject to change, in the post-modernist literary tradition — but now, she warns, that may no longer be a valid construct.

  1. There There by Tommy Orange

A sorrowful, beautiful debut novel follows a group of young “Urban Indians” struggling to make sense of their identity

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