Kangana and Hrithik: never ending tantrums

We all know about the recent tantrums happened between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. We couldn't come out of the drama and Kangana's new movie trailer tickled the topic again.

The questions are being asked everywhere on the social media that-

Did Kangana Ranaut's #Manikarnika copy a dialogue from Roshan's #MahenjoDaro?

The trailer of Manikarnika has the same dialogue that Roshan's Mahenjo Daro had in his trailer.

Ranaut says in the climax- “Jhansi aap bhi chahte hai aur mein bhi, fark sirf itna hai, aapko raj karna hai, aur mujhe apno ki seva.” (You and I both want Jhansi, however, you want to rule and I want to serve), seemed to be quite similar to the scene from Roshan’s movie. In response to Kabir Bedi’s question in Mohenjo Daro, “Kya antar hai tujh mein aur mujh mein?” Roshan’s character responds, “Antar hai Maham, tu Mohenjo Daro pe raaj karna chahta hai aur main seva.”

Now people are pointing out the similarity in both the trailers and also to the bitter relationship of Kangana and Hrithik. One of the user has shared this video highlighting the similarity in the dialogue of both the movies-


The trailer of Kangana's movie can be watched here-

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