Coming back to home our eyes always search for this person and we come up with the question “Where is MOM?” Imagining our life without her for only 5 minutes is no less than a horror movie. She is the most precious human being one could get and we often take her for granted. But when the time comes and we realize her importance, she becomes our past.

Even private offices give one day off but Mother is the one who gets no holiday. Still, she does not beseech for it because she never takes her work as a burden rather her love for us. One can grab all the knowledge from their experiences but the lessons given by a MOTHER are nowhere to find. One cannot learn those lessons in a class as no teacher is worth teaching them. She keeps everyone before her and teaches us how to value others selflessly.

There is only one person in this entire world who loves without T&C applied and that is our Mother. She plays the role of a mother, daughter, wife, sister and what comes in, flawlessly, but we somewhere do not do justice to her. When we know that someone is going to stay forever with us we start degrading the value of that person in our lives and this is the same thing we do with our mothers. She never demands anything from us but she really wants to be loved and get the same respect as any other member of the family. But don’t we think that she deserves all the happiness of this world, then why do we lack in giving one?

We can learn so many moral life lessons just by observing our Mother. Nobody can teach “how to be selfless, how to love unconditionally, how to respect your work irrespective of getting anything in return, not expecting anything and many more” better than our own MOTHER. She never gets anything for what she does but it has to be our responsibility to become a person she feels proud of.

Nobody is more connected to us than a mother as our connection starts before 9 months of coming into this world. We all have seen GOD in her disguise. So, after reading this article just call your mom and ask her how she’s doing, tell her how much you love her and how thankful you are to god for her existence. You have no idea how grateful she feels after that.

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