The Marvelous Ms Prashasti Singh: Stand up Comedian

In the midst of some comedians on YouTube and other social media channels, Prashasti Singh, left her perfectly imperfect job and struggling to become a comedian. And we are in love with her latest video, those who haven’t gone through this video of Marvellous Ms Singh, it is a must watch.

  1. She says that this world is divided into two types of people: Rebels and Conformists.

We love it how she with sarcasm tries to explain to the people that there is no need to become these two types of people, just what you are.

  1. She explains that how different every parent is, yet the same? Because “agar suni nhi toh kehlaoge bevakoof hi”. LOL!

  1. This part is so amusing and everyone can relate to her when she says that she thinks that her life is perfect but still not a happy life.

4. Then she throws her experience on people about the corporate life. She said what every employee wants to say being in the corporate world.

This girl in her 8 minutes of video literally mocks every wrong comment of the society and motivates you all together to live your passion rather just tolerating your life.
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