Top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2020

Apart from partying with the family and friends on new years eve, what we all love to have is the new year resolution. After getting drunk we all play saint and take a pledge to be a better person from the very first day of the new year and this time around it is 2020 an end of the decade and fresh start of a new decade.

But guess what, studies have found that out of 100%, less than 10% people actually achieve their resolution. So its ok to repeat your last years new year resolution if you have not worked upon it last year!

So what are the top 10 new year resolutions of 2020? the most common ones are listed below, which you can definitely relate to (we are kinda sure of it that you will!):

  • Lose weight

  • Diet or eat healthier

  • Joining Gym or Start exercise

  • Making more money or generating more income or Save more

  • Following the passion or hobby (dance class or making own dresses etc)

  • Spend more time with family and friends

  • Start own business

  • Find another job

  • Drink less alcohol and quit smoking

  • Travel or Going on holidays

Above listed ones are the most common new year resolutions which people follow. Ladies are very passionate about the top one, i.e. loosing weight. They want to get back in shape and enjoy all the attention, which they used to get earlier when they were not as plumpy as they are now. Do share with us your new year resolutions and lets see whether we have got it covered or not.


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