7 most common Female Reproductive System problems, are you on the list?

Lets begin with helping to uncover What are Female Reproductive System problems?

The healthy reproductive health of a woman is a major concern today. It's not only a point of debate but requires immediate actions as well. 

"As per the data, more than 70% of the women face the Reproductive system problems during their lifetime."

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We have covered the various common Female Reproductive system problems in this article. 

Read till the end to understand all of them. 

Eye-Opening Facts about reproductive system of women -

  • According to the WHO - World Health Organisation, more than 85% of sexually active women are in danger of becoming pregnant if they aren't using contraceptives.
  • As per the WHO stats, nearly 87,000,000 women got pregnant globally due to the low usage of contraceptives.
  • As per the WHO stats, almost 25% of the total maternal death could get minimized by the use of contraceptives protecting the female reproductive system.
  • According to A R Sarin, 1991 - Indian J Matern Child Health, More than 50% of women having different ages become the victims of ANAEMIA.
  • Almost 50 times higher, Indian Women confront the higher danger of death due to unwanted pregnancy or vaginal issues in comparison to other countries. 

What are the most common Female Reproductive System problems?

1.PCOS - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 

Such syndrome takes place when the adrenal glands or the female ovaries release more hormones of a man than expected. Obese Women are more likely to have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. 

The risk associated with the PCOS are as follows -

    • Heart-related diseases
    • Fluid-filled sacs or cysts in the ovaries section
    • Diabetes 

Symptoms of the PCOS are as follows -

    • Hair Thinning or Baldness 
    • High level of Skin Acne
    • Surplus hair expansion in Toes, Face area, Stomach, Chest, and Thumbs
    • Results in Pelvic-Pain
    • Hair Dandruff Issue
    • Infertility
    • Solidified dark brown or black color spots in the body
    • Skin becoming oily

2.Uterine Fibroids

It is the tumor in the vagina of women which is although not much prone to cancer disease. Being highly common in women of bearing age, its cause, and reason are still to be known! These are generally composed of cells of the muscles. Fibroids also consist of tissues that usually grow within the women's womb or on the inside and the outside area of the women's uterus walls. 

The symptoms of Fibroids in women can range in any or all of the following -

    • Pain in abdomen and lower part of the backside
    • Sexual intercourse resulting in severe pain
    • Early labor
    • Infertility
    • Severe pain & heavy bleeding menstruation
    • More urination than normal
    • Consistent Miscarriages 

Most women might not see any side effects of this tumor, henceforth routine vagina checkup is recommended to prevent such problems, if any, as soon as possible.


HIV attacks the CD4 cells in the body of women. With time, it damages and invades every single cell of the body which gets difficult to control. Only with advanced studies, cure for such infections can be done. 

HIV in women spreads via having sexual intercourse with the person who is already infected with HIV. It's generally said that once a person has HIV - he/she has it for a lifetime. AIDS - Immune Deficiency Syndrome  - here is the last stage of HIV. In this stage, the complete immune system of the person is damaged. 

"HIV holds the power to spread via breastfeeding, henceforth the HIV-positive US women must not breastfeed their babies."


The first most sign that shows you are going through Endometriosis is - 'difficulty in getting pregnant.' It is a state of a problem when the tissues that are supposed to line the uterus ends up growing in a different location. It can end up growing in the parts like -

    • At the place of bladder
    • Above the bowels
    • At the backside of the uterus
    • Within the ovaries


The tissue is then said to be 'misplaced' from its main location affecting the main reproductive health of the women. It leads to severe pain in the abdomen, pelvic area, and lower back, heavy bleeding during periods, and might lead to Infertility. There are rare chances that this misplaced tissue will grow somewhere else apart from the above-stated locations. 

5.Gynecologic Cancer

It starts on the women's reproductive organs gradually maximizing its effects on other nearby areas. It occurs in the pelvic area - just below the abdominal and between the hips. 

"CDC has provided its useful resources and materials for the healthcare workers and the women to raise their bar of awareness regarding the five major  Gynecologic Cancers."

Women prone to reproductive system problems can witness the following cancers -

    • Ovarian Cancer is generally seen in the ovaries part - which is situated on two sides of the uterus.
    • Vaginal Cancer is the kind of cancer that initiates directly in the vaginal area. This area is the pipe-shaped hollow surface which is there amidst the uterus and outer body area.
    • Cervical Cancer starts from the cervix part - A Uterus narrow and downward part. 
    • Vulvar Cancer starts from the vulva area which is nothing but the outside layer of the genital organs in women.
    • Uterine Cancer is cancer that initiates directly from the uterus. Uterus resides in the pelvis of women - a part where the pregnant woman's baby matures. It is generally an organ that has the shape of a pear. 

6.Interstitial Cystitis

IC is a women's reproductive problem resulting in severe pain and irritation in the bladder or the nearby areas of the pelvic. Women are 70% more prone to getting an IC in comparison to men. Women can encounter the below symptoms -

  • Inner urge to urinate resulting in no urination
  • Lower Abdominal pain due to empty or full bladder
  • Feeling pressure in the Abdominal and Pelvic area
  • Urinating after every 20 - 25 minutes
  • Tenderness

Some women might not witness even a single symptom at all. Get it checked with your specialist to know if there is any problem with your reproductive health. 

7.Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Stds are the most common symptoms you will witness if you had sexual intercourse with somebody who already had this infection. 

"As per one of the studies review, 2018 - A pregnant woman having an STD issue can cause severe problems to her and the baby. Un-pregnant women having an STD can cause her infertility or drastic major reproductive problems."

Causes of STDs -

  • Parasites
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses

Stds are caused because parasites or bacteria have an easy cure via medications or antibiotics. On the other side Stds caused because of the virus have no cure at all. In various cases, the antiviral medicines could show results in minimizing the prevailing symptoms. 

"According to the researchers, they suggest the use of Latex condoms - To reduce the transmission of STDs."

Problems related to the reproductive health of women will always be there! However, by the medium of right programs like child survival, childbirth control, family welfare, safe motherhood initiative, child and maternal health  - all of such programs can create a huge difference in minimizing the risks related to Female Reproduction System problems by creating awareness. In case you feel any problem related to your Reproductive System, then immediately consult the doctor without any delay. 

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