Does Size Matter For Women?

What’s the verdict?

For men, “Is my penis big enough?” is the equivalent to women’s “Am I looking fat?” Hence although this issue needs to be put to rest as sensitively as possible, for the sake of being honest it is also imperative to speak without any inhibitions. 

Yes, size does matter. But not how men think it does.

Anne Semans, marketing director for the sex toy boutique chain Babeland is of the opinion that as a society, we have put way too much emphasis on size. “The cultural perception is that bigger is going to feel better,” Semans says. But most of the times women who overreach and buy dildos that are too big for them end up returning them. Consensus shows that most women like dildos that are 6 inches long and 1-1/4 inches around, though some women do seek longer and fatter too.

According to Babeland, a penis that is too large can cause chafing and will obviously require way too much lube. Consequently the orgasmic contractions might not be as intense.

According to an article in women have described sex with men who have large penises as “overwhelming” and “painful”. 

Bigger pe*is sizes have often been associated with a higher risk of injury or infection. A bigger length can also make some of the sex positions pretty painful. A lot of girth can cause tearing if you’re not cautious, especially during anal sex. There is also the entire choking and gag reflex to deal with during oral.

All this is obviously extremely relative as different women have different kinds of likings and preferences when it comes to sex. A smaller penis however is undoubtedly much easier to deal with. A smaller penis is quite simply easier to handle, which means everyone involved can just focus on pleasure rather than any sort of pain or discomfort. A smaller penis is more is more pleasurable when it comes to oral sex and when it comes to anal sex, it is a game changer. Like any size penis, any associated shortcomings can be easily dealt with by choosing the correct penis size.

According to HuffPost

In an article by Michael Castleman in Psychology Today, he discusses the research study done by researchers at UCLA and Cal State LA. Their published report showed that 84 percent of women felt "very satisfied" with their man's penis size. Fourteen percent wished it were larger and 2 percent preferred it was smaller. The 84 percent figure means that seven out of every eight women thought their man was just fine, and that size didn't matter to the substantial majority of women.

In another survey done by Amanda Chatel in news magazine, Bustle, "25 Women Share Their Thoughts On Whether Penis Size Matters," studies have found that 84 percent of women are just fine with the size of their partner's penis. In fact, the people most concerned with penis size are men, because of their fears that a smaller penis makes them less manly. Many men are locked into the belief that "they have to have a gigantic dick," which is clearly something most women don't even want.

Surveys show that while size does matter to some women, there are far fewer who say that it's important. Most women agree it's how a man uses his penis and whether he excels in other areas, because intercourse is just one part of sex; and sex encompasses so much more.

Just to make things clear, a smaller penis size is not an indication of lesser stamina. It does not mean that the sex is going to be any less pleasurable or have any effect when it comes to the orgasms. You can be extremely well endowed and still have pleasure related problems.

Size has no effect on fertility either. If you are trying to have a baby then rest assured that the size of your baby daddy’s penis does not matter and will not affect your chances of conception. The sperm is made and also stored in the testicles and not in the penis itself.

It is also important to keep in mind that if a man is not as well endowed then there must be other things he might be really good at. At the end of the day size really does not matter that much if the guy is good and compassionate.

When it comes down to it, it’s really not about the actual inches, how large he is or how tight you are, but what you both do with whatever it is that you have got and how it all feels when the two of you are together.

Why is there such less conversation in our country surrounding this topic?

On asking this question to a group of twenty something year old females, all of them revealed that it most certainly did.  In fact I believe that if asked to most women they would definitely answered in the positive and those who wouldn’t, would do so only to be modest. Here rises the real question. Why are women not supposed to talk about this? The obvious rebuttal would be that it is a form of body shaming and thus it is offensive. The truth, however, is different. Women are not supposed to talk about it because women are not allowed to. If only matrimonial sites had the same “modesty” that is expected of young women in society then perhaps the outrageousness felt towards these women’s immodesty would only be for the good old cause of abolishing body shaming. Somehow it is an open secret that a girl on the chubbier side would be less appealing to men but if a woman dares to show the same boldness in preference then that is perceived as being indecent or worse vulgar? 

Size should not matter. And that includes everything. From a person’s height and weight to somebody’s foot size. Size should not matter, period. But the blatant hypocrisy of society is baffling. In a country where it is common to find webpages which openly discuss models’ and actresses’ private measurements and it is alright for a matrimonial advertisement to read “…groom seeks fair, beautiful, tall, slim bride” , why is a woman moral policed when she speaks with the same boldness and freedom? Is it really about how size should not matter and inner beauty or is it really just another manifestation of society’s misogynistic control over its women?  

Why does society have a problem with women who own and flaunt their sexuality but take part actively when men do the same with much less tact and respect? It is perfectly alright for men to comment on how top heavy or not a woman is because “boys will be boys” but when women talk about a man’s package with the same explicitness, why is it scandalous? The answer to the question thus is quite simple. In a perfect world where rules of decency, modesty and sensitivity apply to everybody equally, size should not matter for women. But in the world that we unfortunately live in, it is only normal that it does because men have led us with that example. Why are only women not applauded for their “bold preferences”. Is it perhaps because of society’s underlying fear of emancipating women from the forced image of chastity that is thrust upon them? It is high time that we as independent women ask these questions to ourselves and also to the society that we are living in.


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