How to travel as a Solo Female Traveler ? Tips and Hacks!

The end is near. The world is healing. So should our mindset.

Females all over the spectrum are prone to be restricted in any shape or form. The painful doom of the patriarchal society is caused into effect, better yet if not abolished. The mere thought that women have the liberty to choose is frowned upon. Travelling solo is as taboo as donning black nail polish in some households. 
Let’s break the chain as we take you on a journey on how to do it right from our aces. Shall we?

We have essentially narrowed down our search over some of the most unhinged female travellers/ vloggers in the game.
With the widespread rise in the conundrum of social media as a whole, accessibility is reduced to a mere swipe & touch.
The term blog/blogging is an ever-so-expanding arena which bloomed drastically over the past few years opening a completely different way of sharing & accessing stories through a camera lens clubbed with a note pad.

The impactful pursuit acts as a boon as viewers get to share experiences, add their travel inputs and prevent unscaled calamities all from the comfort of their homes.
The plus side to this remains as the bloggers get to be informative, scale new heights and prolong so as to monetize through their tales of wisdom.
Blogging in a nutshell~

The Aces~
"If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor." -Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s dwell into the lives of our Ace Travellers, shall we?

1.Larissa Dsa 
Sources: Instagram

(YouTube: Larissa Dsa)
Larissa is a travel & Lifestyle vlogger/ graphic designer who hails from Mumbai. She started her career around 2015 on YouTube. 
With a GoPro in hand, furry friends by her side she candidly captures all her travel mishaps & extremities touring across the country which soulfully reflects through her vlogs.
With a whopping Instagram Following of 580,000+, D’sa is all set to make her mark unscathed as she just landed her first ever Cosmo Travel Influencer Award for the year 2020-2021.
She also takes us through the hidden gems & unexplored landscapes that lie in the heart of Vasai, Mumbai all the way to pristine clear waters of Maldives.
Larissa is an unhinged water baby and has found her solace in the midst of serene Goa these days.

2.Neelima Vallangi
Sources: Instagram- https://www.instagram/neelimav
(YouTube: Neelima Vallangi)
Neelima Vallangi is a Travel Photographer/ Writer who rose to prominence in the year 2017.
She has covered the off-road plains of Mongolia, Turkey, Indonesia, Nepal among others.
Back when, travel bonanza wasn’t all the hyped way to tread off to. She chose to bid adieu to her corporate job in 2014 to travel solo in search of something surreal.
Neelima has had the luxury of escaping through her camera lens into the world of Distantly Dancing Grey clouds of Thailand showers all through the Pink Sunset over the Manaslu peak.
A rare tiger sighting in the Satpura Mountains, Maharashtra has been one of her most appeasing moments.
She has received notable accolades for her work with a National Award for Photography, the very subsequent year with a published piece in National Geographic Traveller India (2013)
Vallangi has been a featured artist during the Jockey Campaign of 2019 where she admitted to be a child of the mountains on one of her visits to Mongolia. She also admitted to started raising awareness amongst her 46,000+ Instagram followers on the dangers of climate change and its adverse effects. She believes in the sustainable travel approach with educating resourceful content paired with deliberate attempt at influencing her sizable audience all throughout her platform.

3.Ami Bhat
Sources: Instagram https://www.instagram/amibhat
YouTube (Ami Bhat)

Ami Bhat that goes by the name of Thrilling Travel is a notable travel blogger/author/ writer who has a spunk to explore, a nagging nomadic take on life with an overlook on penned travel tales up her sleeve.
Her Book, When Places Come Alive is a satirical take on the forgotten wonders of an Ethereal India which she shares ahead through her love for blogging.
She takes you along a ride through the Cherrapungi waterfalls to the architectural wonders of untainted Karnataka.

4.Kiersten Rich~ The Blond Abroad

Kiersten Rich also known as the Blond Abroad is a travel/ lifestyle blogger who embarked on her journey of soul searching since quitting her job in July 2011.
The California native started this journal in April 2012 and that was how The Blond Abroad was established.
She learnt it the hard way that the financial corporate world wasn’t hers to accomplish as her heart resides in snow caped mountains and letting her lens become her voice.
Kiersten has garnered quite a name for herself as The Blond Abroad. Being a travelling veteran with a certified take on her endeavours through 70+ countries. 

Rich swears by her travel tips & essentials with her assorted and inclusive blogs. She has jotted down her favourite leisure destinations, from scenic sights like Bolivia, South Africa, Iceland etc. favoured for Nature to Croatia, Italy, Greece coined as the best place for Sailing & Picturesque shots! You name it.
Rich has managed to add an ever counting 535,000+ Instagram Alums with no plans to cease her escapades.

5.Brooke Saward~ World of Wanderlust 

Brooke Saward, a 28-year-old Australian native is a travel blogger who describes her book- World of Wanderlust as an online journal she created to document her adventures.
The Tasmanian native takes back her impressive 550,000+ Instagram followers through her solo travel that nothing feels as exhilarating and ground breaking to her a running into people who open up her mental space with their acts of expression to divinely varied one’s cultures pan out to be. She added, that absorbing their gratitude and way of life makes her look back at her sheltered perspective of the world as a whole.
Saward chimes in with a mental note that being alone, she finds her mind to be occupied with new excitement & intrigue.
Her outlook on cultural resets changed drastically and solo travelling left her with fulfilment.

How to travel: International Travel Edition

Brooke writes down her experiences on touring Europe. 
One of her absolute favourites since the last 8 years now, which makes her impossible for her to not revisit the said continent.
Saward swears by these rules.
Let’s take a look ourselves?

Things to do while travelling Europe


  • You cannot deny the fact that Europe is an expensive destination. Yet she urges the travellers to explore the more inhabited cities or town to cut costs and have a more local experience.
  • Travelling to France: The daily costs vary around 182.19 euros. 
  • I can certainly vouch that the fee cannot make us go mon cheriĆ©!
  • Opting for an Airbnb rather than an expensive hotel seems like a smarter move in this scenario to avoid hefty bills & get a fresh take on the community.
  • Travelling to Denmark: This picturesque wonder complete with windmills can cost around 161 euros.
  • Do avoid Copenhagen as it is the most heft city in Europe. She swears by trying the local produce to stay budgeted.
  • Travelling to Iceland: The snow-capped mountains & black sandy beaches calling out your name?
  • Do get ready to spend around 133 handsome euros to say the least.
  • Hop on a connecting flight all the way Reykjavik is a smart steal.
  • Road tripping to have a more in-touch experience of the country seems like the way to go.
  • Travelling to United Kingdom: Daily costs= 127 euros.
  • Saward swears by the mantra to take in the local way by visiting places outside of London like Waitrose & Sainsbury, do not miss out on free entertainment around Soho and some museums that provide free entry.
  • Travelling to Italy: Daily costs equal around 124 euros.
  • As added on earlier, the blogger urges her fellow travel junkies to skip through the big cities and opt for small towns like Lucca and Verona.
  • Let the train routes be your travel buddy to enjoy the day trips in full swing!

The Don’ts for travelling through Europe

  • Opting for expensive restaurants to have a gourmet experience would get you scavenging for bus fare!
  • Tailgating through local wonders and switching to big cities like Madrid, Barcelona & Paris would fill up your headspace with instant regret.
  • Not having travel insurance. Have your whereabouts tracked by your embassy if things go wary at all times.
  • The local flavour gets whitewashed with the grand big city tourist attractions, the best way possible to turn this outcome into a positive is by planning ahead with local street food all the way down to the bus routes.
  • Not opting for walking to miss out on the breath-taking sites!

Things to do while travelling through India

  • Have your travel insurance and Visa in check. Get your International Sim card through TravelSim to avoid being scammed with 10X costs.
  • Ask the local guesthouses to come pick you up as it is often free of cost. Double check on your information before hitching a ride with them.
  • Smile through it. Many of the locals are rather intrigued if not to know you rather than actually having a conversation.
  • Calling someone out. Eve teasing can be a problem considering the lack of space and basic ethics to some delinquents.
  • Be alert of groping and do call them out on it, it is considered a widespread travesty as many fail to show up in support on a busy street. Turn to the females if need be.
  • Do be wary of your belongings while travelling to avoid pickpockets.
  • Avoid personal selfie opportunities as many see this as an attempt to swipe your things.
  • Go for North Eastern wonders like Kaziranga to experience the regal rhinos, Sikkim for a small piece of heaven with a touch of serene monasteries and the slow-paced life & Shillong is a culture reset for woman bikers to explore through the wilderness through soulfully good food with quaint village tribes.
  • Nainital: Considered as one of the best hill stations around India. This scenic wonder comprising of beautiful lakes & secluded boat rides where the air would be cleaner and the weather would be crisp enough just to your liking!
  • Need a splash of colour with a subtle tan? Jaisalmer is your destination. From hitching camel rides through sandy deserts to colourful Kalbelia dancers explore more in this quaintly diverse paradise.
  • The people bitten with the solo travel bug would most probably suggest a dash of Kasol to your senses to achieve utmost serendipity. A crowd favourite, with dainty food spots and hikers’ galore. A place to chill with fascinatingly cheap lodges.

Things not to do while solo travelling through India

  • Not exiting a sketchy situation first hand can turn rather unpleasant. Try to ignore the oogly eyes and much as possible but if 
  • Be wary of pickpockets:
  • Keep your senses intact. Be alert and on the lookout for the nearest exits.
  • Always keep a cross body bag with you to avoid getting robbed.
  • Switch to comfortable shoes familiar to the weather & which would help you cover/explore larger distances on ground.
  • Fold & roll your clothes as much as you can to make space, avoid packing hangers.
  • Carry tiny containers to store medicines, toiletries etc.
  • Hack: Carry a sanitary napkin/ diaper cutup to keep your money safe.
  • Avoid being loud & vulnerable citing your vital information on your whereabouts so as to avoid unnecessary run-ins or encounters.
  • Keep your friends/family informed on your whereabouts.
  • Keep your hotel staff acquainted on your whereabouts along with your time of return.
  • Ask the hotel staff on what places aren’t to be termed tourist friendly to escape bad outcomes.
  • Keep a dictionary handy to translate the local dialect better and have more defined conversations.
  • Locals are prone to be friendlier if one comes off to be affirmative in their actions.
  • Have an emailed copy of your travel documents handy in case of misconduct with the authorities.
  • Ask for directions or disclose vital information only if the situation persists i.e. to your hotel staff/ guide etc.
  • Avoid being loud & vulnerable citing your vital information on your whereabouts so as to avoid unnecessary run-ins or encounters.
  • Always have a boyfriend: Tell the persisting ones that you are waiting for someone if they ask about your plans


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