Is it safe to have sex during periods?

Menstruation is more commonly talked about as periods. It is very normal and regular vaginal bleeding that happens as a part of every women’s monthly cycle. This is the preparation for pregnancy and since no pregnancy occurs, the uterus and the womb sheds its lining every month when there is no pregnancy. The blood during menstruation is partly tissue of the uterus lining. 

Talking about periods has remained a taboo in India for over a long time now. There are a number of misconceptions and myths revolving around the issue and women today are trying to break the stereotypes and engage in conversations and topics relating to periods and menstruation on various platforms and avenues.

PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) is a term used to describe the physical and emotional symptoms that a woman undergoes during her periods. Some of the most common PMS symptoms experienced are moodiness, anxiety, irritability, bloating and sadness. These symptoms are known to vanish after the first few days of the initiation of the periods. 

Cramps are also one of the most talked about symptoms of periods and a number of ways and methods have already been discussed. A warm heating pad on the belly, or taking some over the counter pain reliever medicines such as ibubrufen. 

One of the taboos related to periods is having sex during menstruating. Some of the other most believed myths and taboos are staying away from religiously active places, not entering the kitchen etc. 

Having sex and having your period both are equally natural and pure experiences in the life of a woman, and there is no reason as to why women must restrict themselves and refrain from having sex during menstruation. This however remains one of the top questions and taboos in our times. Let us discuss this prospect from multiple angles today and have a look at what the doctors and experts have to say on this topic: Is it safe to have sex during periods?

This is a question that’s occurred to all of us once in a while. There is a lot of misconceptions, myths and misinformation already being circulated around the issue and it’s high time we pay special attention to it and be aware of the facts.

In this article, we will look at multiple possibilities on how to have sex during menstruation so as to make your experience most comfortable. Do continue reading if you want to know more about it and also how to overcome the situation and have real fun along with your partner. 

There is no medical reason to stop you from engaging in any form of sexual activity during your periods. It is certainly agreeably a little messy, but it is absolutely safe. 

Let us look at a few benefits of having sex while on periods to better understand the situation:

  • Orgasms lead to relief from painful cramps
  • Having sex while on periods also means shorter periods. 
  • Improve your sex drive with all your hormones raging and increased sex drive. 
  • Hello natural lubrication! Sex during periods means extra lubrication. This turns out as an organic and a natural lubricant. 
  • Acts as a headache reliever

Now that we have taken a good look at how beneficial sex during periods can be, let us also focus on the possible shortcomings of the same. Also, in the meanwhile try to figure out why is sex during periods such a taboo.

  • It is messy affair
  • Risk of STDs increased
  • If you use a tampon, remember to remove it before the sex
  • Remove the menstrual cup too, if you are having penetrative sex with your partner. 

Can you get pregnant after sex during a period?

Another very important question that circulates in everybody’s minds is whether you can get pregnant or not while having sex on your periods. 

Experts claim that there is a possibility of you getting pregnant after you have sex on your period. This can be true for women who have shorter menstrual cycles (21-24 days) and they have sex during the last days of the period. Sperm is known to remain viable and active inside up to five days. 

Hence, though the odds of this are very low, such a case is medically possible. Since every woman’s cycle varies, there are chances of you conceiving if you have not taken any precaution. You might want to ask your partner to use a protection. Do not forget to take birth control pills if you have had unprotected sex while on your periods. 

The anxiety about the mess from the blood sometimes makes many individuals too self-conscious and stop them from being truly themselves or having fun. 

Here are some more tips shared by experts for you to make your mind about having sex on your periods:

  • Being true to yourself and your partner always helps
  • Having uncomfortable conversations is the key.
  • Remember to remove the tampon before having sex. There have been cases of forgotten tampons left inside the vagina and after sex it had to be surgically removed. 
  • Try innovative methods to have sex like in the shower. This will save all the mess on your bed. 
  • Use towels and napkins on the bed to soak in all the blood.
  • Keep wet wipes and napkins to help you clean after the sex.
  • The missionary position is known to limit the bleeding to the minimum and hence will be less messy compared to the other positions.
  • Ask your partner to wear a condom to prevent any blood infection to either of you.
  • Doctors claim that you tend to feel more sexually aroused during your periods. This is simply because of the hormonal changes you are going through. This turns the entire experience of having sex into a completely amazing one. 

However, not all women would like the idea of having sex on their periods and that also is totally fine. Periods is one of the most natural processes of a female body and it is totally fine to deal with it the way you are most comfortable. It is completely an independent choice only you have the right to make. Whatever you decide, it is important to communicate the same to your partner to ensure that both of you are on the same page. None of the partners should ever assume anything. 

To sum it all, there is no reason why having a period should be the reason stopping you from having a fun time with your loved one. With the right preparation and little precaution, you might realize that having sex during your periods can be quite an exciting way to spend time together. 


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