What happens in an Anxiety Attack ?

Anxiety is something like an unpleasant feeling. When you are stressed, feared or tense, you can feel anxiety in your body. In case of anxiety disorder you may feel scared all the time. This type of anxiety may cause you to stop doing the things you love, or even stop loving the things you used to love. You may not like doing your hobby, you may not feel good by eating your favourite food, etc. In extreme cases it may make you feel scared of going into an elevator, or crossing roads or even leaving your home. You may become homesick, or you may even develop fear of meeting people. Anxiety disorders are the most common emotional issue and it can be diagnosed in a person of any age.

Anxiety attack is a feeling of overwhelming apprehension, worry, stress, etc. For many people it may develop slowly. It may worsen when a stressful situation appears.

What happens in an Anxiety Attack ichhori.com

Types of anxiety disorder

  • Panic disorder: experiencing panic attacks frequently.

  • Phobia : excessive fear of anything or any object. Phobia can be of anything like, stepping out of your house, meeting new people.

  • Obsessive- compulsive disorder: it may cause you to develop a certain kind of behaviour by doing something caused by irrational thoughts.

  • Social anxiety disorder : fear of being judged by others

  • Illness anxiety disorder : fear for your health

  • Separation anxiety disorder : fear of getting separated from your loved ones or your home or comfort zone

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder : anxiety caused by a specific event

What happens during anxiety attack

  • Diarrhea : anxiety attack can upset your stomach and may cause diarrhea
  • Dry mouth : it may cause dry mouth and you may feel urge to drink water
  • Difficulty in sleeping : anxiety attack may also cause insomnia and you may feel difficulty in sleeping
  • Irritability : anxiety attack may cause irritation in your mood and you may get irritated by almost everything around you
  • Headache : anxiety attack is directly related to our psyche and because of this you may feel headache during anxiety attack
  • Muscle tension : anxiety attack may cause muscle tension in you body
  • Nausea : during anxiety attack you may feel dizziness and vomiting because of the chemicals released due to anxiety attack
  • Rapid heart rate : anxiety attack may cause increase in your heart rate
  • Shaking : anxiety attack may cause shaking in your body, you may feel your legs and hands shiver
  • Sweating : anxiety attack may cause sweating
  • Choking in chest and throat : you may feel choked during an anxiety attack
  • Difficulty in concentration : you may feel difficulty in concentration. You won't be able to concentrate on what you are doing, or saying, or what people around you are talking about.

How would you know that person near you is having anxiety attack

Suppose you are at a public place, maybe in some restaurant or park, and suddenly you see that someone is behaving abnormally or he is looking stressed. How can you determine that he or she is having an anxiety attack? There will be some signs or symptoms from which you can conclude that he or she is having an anxiety attack:

  • Shaking : when a person beside/near you is seemed to be shaking, his or her legs and body is shaking, then you may conclude that he or she is having an anxiety attack and you can call help as soon as possible
  • Breathing problem : when a person near you is facing problems in breathing, which means that he is short of breath and unable to breath properly, then you can conclude that he or she is having an anxiety attack
  • Sweating : when a person near you is sweating continuously with the above mentioned symptoms, then you can conclude that he or she is having an anxiety attack
  • Increased pulse rate : when you see above mentioned symptoms in the person who is having anxiety attack, go and check his or her pulse rate, if his or her pulse rate is also high then it is also one of the symptoms of anxiety attack
  • Vomiting : when the person near you is vomiting and you can feel just by seeing them that they are feeling nauseous with the above mentioned symptoms, you can conclude that he or she is having an anxiety attack
  • Unable to speak : because of lack of concentration and choking, the person having an anxiety attack would not be able to speak to you or tell you his or her problems, so you have to determine the problem by the mentioned signs and symptoms

How to know that you are having an anxiety attack

  • Headache : when you are having headache continuously, and you don't know the reason, then it might be a symptom of anxiety attack
  • Shivering : you may feel shivering in your body, you would not be able to stand or pick up something because of the shivers and chills you would be feeling
  • Choking : when you will be having an anxiety attack you might feel some burden or heaviness on your chest and you would feel choking in your throat and chest
  • Dizziness : you might feel dizziness when you would be having an anxiety attack
  • Increased heart rate : when you would be having an anxiety attack you will feel that heart is pumping at an increased pace
  • Shortness of breath : you would feel that with increased heart rate, you are not able to breath properly, you would be taking short breaths and that would not be enough to provide proper amount of oxygen in your body and brain
  • Dryness in mouth : when you will be having an anxiety attack, you would feel the urge to drink water, but even after drinking enough amount of water, you would still feel dryness in your mouth 
  • Sweating : with the above mentioned symptoms, you would also feel hot and hot flashes and with these you will start sweating which is another symptom of anxiety attack
  • Irritability : when you would be having so many symptoms mentioned above, you would then feel irritated 

It is important to know about the symptoms, so that if you are alone and you will be having an anxiety attack, then you would be able to call for help as soon as possible by yourself. Knowing about the symptoms is very important.

How to deal with anxiety attack instantly

  • Breathe : stand up, widen your chest, look above and breathe. Take deep breaths and try to calm your mind
  • 5-5-5 rule : name 5 things around you, name 5 sounds you can hear around you, move 5 body parts of your body. This is done to distract your mind, and to help you to not lose concentration
  • Walk : if you are able to walk, go for a brisk walk, may be on your terrace or in your home
  • Music : listen to soothing music, music is the language of universe, it heals everything specially problems related to mind and emotions, so listening to soothing music will definitely help in maintaining your calmness
  • Watch funny video : watch a funny video to release the happy hormones and chemicals in your body, those happy hormones and chemicals will decrease the symptoms of anxiety attack and will calm your mind

How to prevent anxiety attack from future occurrence

  • Sleeping habits : change your sleeping habits, take proper amount of sleep, sleep on time and wake up on time
  • Cleanliness : clean your home and your body, clean environment really helps in curing problems related to mind and emotions
  • Meditation : do meditation daily, meditation is the medicine for your brain and mind and it is also the best food for your body
  • Eat healthy : what you eat is what you become, so eat healthy, food don't only have impact on your physical body, but also in your mind and brain
  • Exercise and yoga: do exercise and yoga regularly, keep your body fit, so that your brain won't have to give energy on your body's problems

Anxiety is normal and curable, you just need to take out some time and give that time to yourself and your health. Think positive, meditate, listen to music, dance, cook food, paint, take out time for things that you actually love, don't put unnecessary pressure on your brain.









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