How to check if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Relationships have always been an important part of our lives since always, be it a father-daughter relationship, be it a mother-son relationship, be it a brother-sister relationship, or be it a sister-sister relationship. All types of relationships have always included the purest forms of us. We have always tried our best to save all of them as they include the time we have invested and especially they include the emotions that we have invested since the beginning.


Talking about the another most important relationship of our lives, that is, the relationship that we share with our partners, partners that completes us by being the other half part of our lives, partners that somehow promise us to be with us no matter whatever the situation be, partners who understand our pains, sorrows, grieves and those who make us feel secure and happy when no other thing seems complete in this world full of pain.

We tend to seek happiness from our partners and we try to give them happiness in return. When we are really in love with someone, we not only take from them but we start caring for them and we try to give them the best of what we have or the best of what we can. We get involved purely with the other person, and he also tries to appreciate us the way we are. This relationship includes the most vulnerable part of us. 

We naturally start bringing out the best and worst of ourselves in front of our partners, if it seems that the person is right for us, we ultimately get involved in the things that we once never liked. We try to show the most of our love to our partners by doing things for them and they reciprocate with the same energy when the person seems right to us.

It becomes just one complete world with them, if that person is right for us, the world seems more beautiful and full of colors if we feel that we are with the right person in our life. We feel like this is it. And no other happiness seems this beautiful.

But the thing is sometimes we need to embrace our individuality as well after getting into a proper relationship with someone. We usually forget that before this relationship we were living on our own, the only difference that has come is that now they have come and made things even more beautiful than before. We should not forget the individuality that we have; we should not forget the relationship that we once had with ourselves. And sometimes this forgetfulness leads us to immense pain when we are left alone. 

Yes! Times come when we have to learn how to manage things alone. We are supposed to deal with things that we never have expected since the start of it. Initially, everything seems very perfect and in place, we feel we need not get involved in change further. This not always feels right as a solution when we are talking about the truth of our lives.

There are times that we have to get out of the shell and start questioning that whether whatever this is happening is correct or not? Whether are we giving the best version of ourselves to the right person or not? Yes, we go through such cross-paths, here we find ourselves on a dilemma trip, completely questionable.  

All this is because we start noticing something worth questioning about our partner. We start getting feels like something is not going right? Or the things are changing, or our partners start being peculiar at times. Yes, we notice those little changes even if we do not want, and those little changes make us start suspecting about our partners even if we do not want to. In relationships, little efforts matter a lot and on the other hand, little changes make us question the base of our relationship. All of these questions arise due to the reason that they make us feel, it is not always just a matter of, if we are overthinking or we are plunging into a wrong direction but, at times our doubts are supported by the reasons unintentionally given by our partners only.

 All these questions mainly depend on our feels and initiate with our feels. If we are not getting the same feel or vibe from our partner that we usually get from them then, there could be something wrong. These feelings mark the beginning of suspicion against our partner and whether we want it or not; either we will start interrogating them indirectly or we will get into a deep thought of, “if he is cheating on me?” That’s why this is the need to know that IF YOUR MAN IS CHEATING ON YOU or NOT?

  • He seems less interested in youWe could count it as one big reason; well this could also be the reason because of some work pressure that he has got or some other tension. But we cannot count this reason as the one not to weigh in. He starts taking less interest in you and he just keeps on looking for some ways to stay away from you.
  • He starts ignoring you This is a point that needs pretty much attention. No, any woman would appreciate this thing that his man started ignoring her. If any of this happens you need to be questionable and you need to be thinking about what could be the reason behind him ignoring you. You should at least be aware of the fact behind him ignoring you. This could lead to something where he is cheating on you.
  • He gives less time to you Well, this could be a reason that leads to a different perspective as well. Yes, but when things are happening in a row, as one after another. You need to be worried about the same. For that, you should find the reason behind him giving less time to you. Then only you should take another step.
  • He spends much of his time on his phone Not usually any person spends much of his time on his phone. One chooses to do so when he is having actual and enough work to do or when he is trying to cheat on you. When your man starts spending much of his time on his phone you need to question the reason behind it. Finding out the reason as your priority is a very important thing. You should not be questioning him without a worthy reason. This could lead to unnecessary stress between you two. When there is nothing to worry you will supply reasons for the relationship to sink. So take your steps carefully!
  • He starts lying –If your man never lies to you and all of a sudden you find him lying to you. Yes, this is a thing to get worried about. This could be the initiation and you could even save your relationship from here. Here you can make him realize that how much love is still there between you two to bring that spark back.
  • His demeanour is changed towards you –This is something that no woman would like by any means. This is when your man starts treating you like any other normal person in his life and you somehow are not important to him anymore. This needs your attention anyhow. You should try to know the reason first. 
  • He keeps his phone on silent and away from you Oh! This is a point that means that he is trying to hide something from you. And if he is doing it on purpose, then you can think that your relationship needs much of your attention than required. Here, you should be questioning that what is going on? What needs to be corrected?
  • He is completely distracted from you If you find your man distracted and he is looking for ways to get away from you. And he is kind of making ways out to get time from you and is spending it somewhere else or with someone else. You need to be focused, buddy. This is going to require your attention even more than you already are giving. Well, this too could happen that the reason behind him being distracted is not what it feels like to you. So just give your thoughts a second thought first, be assured, and then hit your next move.
  • He stopped reciprocating to your effortsIf you are constantly giving your efforts into your beloved relationship and your man is not minding in your business or not even paying heed to your efforts. You should look into it more intentionally. This needs your attention!
  • He seems happier when you are not around If you have caught him happier in your absence not just once but more than enough times. And on the other hand, you find him miserable when with you; you need to look upon it! This is something that needs to be talked about between you two. Talk it off, and solve it immediately. 
  • If he spends more time out even after workYes! Well, this might could happen for some other reason as well. But if this is happening kind of regularly, then you should be a little focused about it. You should know about the reason behind him doing so first, and then try to take the other step, but try to know about it first then only go for your further moves, accordingly.

Every point needs proper attention; you should be finding the proper and evidential reason behind whatever you are noticing. It does not always mean that he is involved with someone else. It could also mean that he might be disturbed by some other reason or he is going through some other pain that you should try your best to lessen for him from your efforts.

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