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During the graduation period, you can sense the anxiety, the overtiredness, and the exhilaration in the atmosphere from the students who are about to end their session and get out into the world of learning and earnings. A major part of that is mostly finding a real job according to your preference!!

Hunting for a job is somewhat like committing mistakes: someone at someplace is going to make you remember that mostly everyone commits it or happens to do it. Now, there are jobs. Then come dream jobs. There are workplaces. Then comes the workplaces that bind the environment and make it appealing.

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Working my heart out folks!

Across the globe, billions of students make degrees every year. Class strength is on a stable rise. Tuition costs contribute to a similar increase, but it falls short to put off many high school graduates from attending college. This major boost is the chief reason why graduates find attaining employment difficult is the pure amount of competition. There is an unbelievable amount of graduates reaching their fields each year. 

According to survey results in India, around 862.8 thousand female graduates were honored their postgraduate degrees in the academic year 2019. The number of female graduates outnumbered male graduates.


 A difference that shocks that while the industry grumbles that over 80% of engineering graduates are unemployable, the colleges and universities brag to get over 90% of their students placed.


Graduates made up the highest unemployment rate with 16.3% in 2019. The postgraduates followed up sharing 14.2%. Thus, the unemployment rate in the country was high among students with higher educational credentials.


Only 24% of graduates were being employed for a job. The planned sectors of employment in the country produced at nearly 29% in the financial year 2020.

I understand and have been through many difficulties which are kept at our feet while finding jobs. So, in further section, I would provide you useful tips and tricks on how you can get a job after college.

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Don't worry, your efforts won't go in vain

1. Get on job sites planned for graduates 

Recruiters are on all the job sites, waiting for your job applications eagerly. Sites handled for college grads and entry-level positions are, and many more...

2. Lookout for an Internship 

It is never late to find good internships for a short duration at the end of the year of graduation and trust me, they can create a huge impact on your profile. In National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) research, 52% claimed that their internships were a stepping stone into their jobs— even before their graduation.

3.  Create a network and expand it as much as you can 

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Network building would help tremendously

Take half of your semester to create a strong network. Don't think too much. Just create social media profiles on Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn, on job position sites, amongst friends, relatives, analysts, teachers. Whenever you come across someone motivating, inquire them for their advice and email. 

4. Build the best resume

So, you finally solve the puzzle of finding jobs according to your passion and skills. You can witness yourself working in any one of those exciting jobs, and you’re thrilled to apply. Now all you have to do is prepare the best resume that will bang their socks off.

For many job seekers and students, the supreme dispute in writing their résumé is finishing the “experience” section with quality content. You haven’t had an actual job, so you feel they don’t have much to discuss. Here, is where those internships come into the picture. You can also emphasize other understandings or abilities, such as volunteer skills, extracurricular activity participation, or know-how in a computer program or an overseas language to enhance your resume.

5.Write a cover letter that is worth recruiting

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You can see the importance

According to a survey by Accountemps, 60% of employers believe that the cover letter that escorts your resume is as important as or more than the résumé itself. Just like your résumé, it should be modified to the point; in fact, the whole idea of a cover letter is to clarify why you in general are a good candidate for the given job and company! However, that doesn’t mean you should blabber anything with fancy language about why you’re the correct person for the job.

Cover letter format:

· An introduction enclosing the details of the job you’re applying for.

· An outline expressing why you are the best fit for the job; and

· A conclusion with an appeal for an interview, contact information, and thank you note.

6. Follow Twitter job boards for your industries of interest 

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Let's tweet and find out

Many job accounts tweet dozens—even thousands—of jobs every day, and you are not aware of what you may get! Check out the top-rated websites and blogs in your field daily. Like Twitter job boards, they post many jobs in your specific field, and many of these sites also have articles with immense industry-specific job search recommendations.

7. Don't depend on your degree

When it comes to the significance of your degree, recruiters and students are on different pages. According to the survey, 86% of college senior respondents assume that their degree gives them a bonus. However, 36% of recruiting professionals say that half of the job applications they obtained came from untaught aspirants. So don't depend too much on your studies.

8. Don't overlook your manners

Never undervalue the influence of being polite. According to research, only 24% of entry-level applicants who participated even emailed a thank you note after a job interview. Effortless courtesy will put you above the immense mass of applicants.

The note must include at least 150 words. E-mail thank you notes are nice-looking standards currently, and you should mail one within 24 hours of your convention. 

9. Generate a personal website

Generating a personal website can assist job seekers to demonstrate their expertise and construct their brand. Current college graduates can utilize a website to blog about problems about the field they want to come into, show class projects, and share their resumes. This can also be an immense method to stand out from other applicants crowd who don’t own a website.

10. Get recommendation from the campus career center

After completing your graduation, you can still take benefit of the career center on campus. 

Discuss with them a few job postings to which you applied and the plans used. Did you spotlight on suitable employers and jobs that need the skills you have to proffer? Have you limited your explore too much geographically? Study about the diversity of resources obtainable to you as no single job-search plan can assure success.

Job Options After College


Job Options for Commerce Graduates

After completing B.Com, you can submit an application to any company for the position of Accountant. Every company requires an accountant to sustain the balance sheet of their business. If you have good familiarity with Cost Accounting, crucial ideologies of Accounting and Management Accounting, you can simply seek a job in the financial domain.

You can also seek a job as a junior financial analyst, tax accountant, business analyst, auditor in fields such as business consultancy, public accounting firms, and industrial houses. 

Job Options for Arts Graduates

There are lots of profitable job options for Arts Graduates. The primary being government jobs in Banking, Agriculture, Central Secretariat, Railways and many more. They conduct their different entrance tests like IBPS and SSC exams. This field provides immense job options along-with well-paid salaries. If you are excellent in writing, you can link with any media house being a Sub-Editor or an Ad Agency as a Copywriter.

Job Options for Science Graduates

There are ample job chances for B.Sc. Graduates. Science Graduates can seek jobs in Education institutions, Space Research institutions, Hospitals, Health Service suppliers, Chemical Industries, Testing Laboratories, Geological Survey Institutes right after finishing their Graduation. Science Graduates can toil in Marketing, Business, and another Research sector as well. Science Graduates can toil as Medical representatives, Consultants, Junior Clinical Research engineers, Teachers.


Employers Say Students Aren't Learning Soft Skills in College

These stats are vital

It is a tedious thing to find a job in your specialized area. The job market is setting the competitive levels higher and higher. Also, the entry-level placements that college graduates can obtain do not pay well enough. A college graduate might be able to find a dream job in their required field. However, it will fail to pay the bills. Due to various reasons, a job search can be an annoying and daunting procedure. A job hunt takes a normal of two to six months of planned attempts.

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