How to improve Female Sexual and Reproduction Health naturally?

The mortality ratio of India's mother is unfortunately high at 230 births out of 1,00,000 live births - said UN Data, 2008. Even 1 out of 70 is the hazard till lifelong of the maternal mortality.  

More than 21 pregnancies between 2005 to 2006, as per NFHS-III, were unwanted leading to ill reproductive health or no further voluntary pregnancies at all.  

Women need to be extremely careful when it comes to their sexual reproductive health as it directly affects their reproductive system affecting further their fertility level. Getting the right steps with little changes in the current diet can prove out to be highly efficient in maintaining good sexual reproductive health in Women for a lifetime. 

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What do Harward University Studies suggest on Women's reproductive health?

"As per one of the Harvard Studies, a survey was done for 17,544 women who never faced any problem related to reproductive or sexual health. They, in a survey, revealed that adopting healthy practices such as daily exercising, eating healthy, stressing less, making fewer good changes in the lifestyles helped them to diminish the infertility risk by 80% which is amazing." 

How to improve Female sexual and Reproductive Health naturally?

From the 'Reproductive Medicine Group' - As per Dr. Sandy Goodman, the first thing they analyze in their patients who come up with reproductive or sexual health issues is their LIFESTYLE AND DIET. He suggests the following ways to improve the overall reproduction and sexual life of a woman -


Stop Taking Stress - The most obvious advice one can give you! It's quintessential for a woman to stay at the peace from within and shed all the stress she carries! It will help to improve her reproductive health maximizing the natural birth without any complications. 

"As per one of the Sources related to erectile dysfunction, 2017 review study, said that - High level of Stress can lead to the growth of sexual dysfunctioning."

Incorporate -

    • Yoga
    • Meditation
    • Walks
    • Spending time with nature
    • Prioritize your hobbies
    • Reading books
    • Listening to calming and soothing music 
    • Hot water baths

The above ways will help women to stay away from the 'UNINVITED STRESS!'



Caffeine although has various proven health benefits like killing depression but it works awfully if you are trying to improve your sexual reproductive health. 

According to health researchers, 'Women must not consume more than 200mg of caffeine each day.'

Even if you visit Starbucks, - one large cup of coffee consists of 260mg of caffeine. Cut it short to a small cup and consume only as recommended to improve your sexual and reproductive health.


Almost 8-9 hours of sleep is the best cure for every problem, researchers say! Good sleep holds more than 50 times the capacity to calm you from inside increasing the overall functioning of the brain, energy levels along with reproductive & sexual health in Women. 

"As per one of the 2015 studies done on Women's health, researchers said - A good sleep can improve the overall sexual health in Women." 

"According to the researchers, Women who had LONGER SLEEPS DURATION were able to have decent genital arousal on comparison to those who had SHORTER periods of sleep DURATION." 


A healthy diet shows miraculous results in enhancing Women's sexual & reproductive health. 

"Overweight along with obesity might result in infertility issues, scientists says."

You can incorporate the below food in your diet to help you improve your reproductive health naturally -

    • Farm fresh fruits
    • Healthy green leafy veggies
    • Oatmeal
    • Plants protein
    • Fat-free yogurt
    • Regular Full cream milk

Only a healthy diet can help you fight - against all the unwanted bacteria harming women's bodies! 


Not only for improving your sexual health and reproductive system - Women need to know that exercise helps them to stay positive, active, and confident all day and night. 

"As per one of the studies of 2015, regular exercises can help women to improve their sexual desires resulting in improving the sexual and reproductive health." 

"According to one of the reviews from a diabetic woman, 2010 research shows that - Daily exercises are extremely helpful in lowering the diabetes-related symptoms in Women, which further helps them to improve their reproductive health."


Smoking is fun till the time you know how dangerous it could be! Smoking has a direct impact on the cardiovascular system of the person. The healthy state of the heart is the primary role here, especially for Women, want to improve their sexual and reproductive health.

As per the health researchers, - "Continuous smoking adds on to the fertility age in women, for example, the 30 years old women who smoke extensively trying to conceive will have the fertility age of a 40-year-old woman."


Every 3 out of 5 women drink alcohol, as per researchers. Extremely limited folks are aware of the fact that "Smoking increases 70% to 80% chances of getting a miscarriage or the state of infertility problems.

Women must drink as little as they can, it will be good for their sexual and reproductive health.


Herbal remedies can be the best cure in the future after the proper pros and cons are weighed on them. Research on finding more ways of herbal alternatives for improving the reproductive & sexual health of Women is still going on. 

"Study on the health of Women, 2015 review stated that - the following herbal remedies could help to improve the overall sexual health of women." 

    • Ginseng
    • Tribulus
    • Maca
    • Ginkgo

"According to the - FDA, United States Food and Drug Administration, - Most of the herbal medicines can overlap with the existing medicines. Due to this purpose, they avoid regulating them as its' purity and quality stay unclear." 

Mind-Body Therapy

One-on-one counseling with the women can benefit them to change their bad reviews about sexual intercourse, stress, and low confidence. Such therapies also help to fight against anger, mood swings, depression & anxiety issues. 

"According to the researchers, 2014 study -  Mindfulness therapy could also help. Here, this cognitive behavioral therapy has numerous positive health effects on the sexual and reproductive health of the Women."

By improving the psychological health of Women, a lot can be improved in their sexual & reproductive health, researcher says

Routinely Health Checkups

Women, in order, to retain their good reproductive health, must visit the doctors for routine checkups to prevent any major health issues further. The sexually active women are 30% more at the risk of facing issues like

  • Uterus cancer

  • Cervix cancer

  • Prostate Cancer

The above issue, if you have any, can be detected at the early stages in Women helping them to cure it on time such that you can get a big sigh of relief from these issues at the early stage of your life.

Dullness and unhealthy sexual or reproductive health isn't a big problem but can severely affect your relationships with your partner weakening your psychological and mental health. Henceforth, taking the right precautions is always welcomed to avoid any problems later. Take natural nutrient-rich food, low down the intake of the sugary element, and exercise as much as you can to get faster and better results sooner. In case of any complicated situations, contact the doctor immediately. 

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