What is Coronil and is it effective in treating COVID 19?

 What is Coronil and is it effective in treating COVID 19?

It’s been a year and half already since we all are locked up in our homes and we are unable to move out of our houses because of the ongoing pandemic of Corona Virus / Covid 19 and we are now living with the new normal where the usage of masks, sanitizer and practicing social distancing is at it’s peak. When the pandemic had started, there was no cure for the disease and still ain’t but now we at least have vaccines which will reduce the risk of infection and fatality rates, but all of this recent. So what was that one thing that gave people assurance (in India) about the fact that Coronavirus can be treated?

And in such a situation it was Baba Ramadev who took an initiative to find some medicines that will cure Covid 19. And he under his Ayurveda brand Patanjali launched the Coronil kit on 23rd June 2020, stating that it can cure covid 19 in just 14 days. Yes 14 days! But before we get to know that whether it is really effective or not, we shall that what does the Coronil Kit comprises of?

What does Coronil have?

Coronil is an Ayurvedic medicine made by Ramdev Baba’s Ayurvedic Brand Patanjali to cure Covid 19. The Ayurvedic medicine consist of Ashwagandha, Giloy and Tulsi which work as the key components to kill the corona virus and increase the immunity. The drug also claims to have 100% favourable results, also provides primary and secondary prevention from the virus as well as a possible against the virus. 

And this Coronil Kit also contains another medicine named Sawasari Vati which is composed of Mulethi, Kakdasinghi, and Rudanti. And as per the reports from the Ayush Ministry, these medications are prophylactic drugs and may boost the immunity in the human body. 

What are the benefits of the ingredients used in the Coronil tablets: 

Benefits of Ashwagandha:

  • anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties
  • boots immune system
  • provides strength and vitality
  • protects against bacteria and viruses

Benefits of Giloy: 

  • Increases immunity
  • Beneficial in treating fever
  • Fight and prevents various viruses

Benefits of Tulsi:

  • Natural Immunity Booster
  • Helps to prevent fever
  • Soothes cough & respiratory problems
  • Helps in indigestion & gastric disorders

Benefits of Swasari: 

Swasari works on treating our respiratory system and helps in treating cold.

Benefits of Anu Taila (oil):

This oil is inserted in the nose later which it carries the coronavirus to the stomach. The acid in the stomach kills the coronavirus.

What is the dosage that is to be taken of the Coronil and how much does it cost?

According to the Pantanjali Company website a bottle of 80 pills will cost around 400 bucks, while the whole kit costs Rupees 545 but the company also sells the components individually and regarding the dosage, according to the information given on Apollo hospital’s site, (apollo274.com) 2-2 Coronil tablets have to be taken half & hour before the meal with lukewarm water. 

Dosage for all the three components in the kit: The Coronil kit consists of three medicines. Anu Oil should be poured in the nostrils (3 drops) on empty stomach, two medicines in tablet form with 3 tablets thrice daily for each of the two types of tablets. Kids who are 15 years and above can also take 3 tablets each in the morning, afternoon, and night. However, children who are between 5 to 10 years old should take 2 tablets and, kids who are 5 years and below should take one tablet each.

What does the Coronil Kit comprise of? The Coronil kit comprises of three products, that are two pack of tablets, Coronil and Sawasari Vati, followed by a bottle of oil called ‘the Anu Taila’.

After all this comes the important information about Coronil, that is whether it is safe to consume the Coronil pills? And to answer this question, it is also important to know that there have been a lot of controversies going on around this kit whether it is safe and really effective in treating corona virus since the day it has been launched. 

According to WHO and many other medical institutions, Pantanjali’s Coronil kit lacks the researches done related to the production of medicine, information regarding medication and also whether it is really effective in treating corona virus or is just an immunity booster.

Even if there are many controversies surrounding the product made by Ramdev Baba’s Pantanjali’s Coronil Kit still had some amazing sales. The Coronil kit including the individual components have together sold over 85 lakh units in four months since it’s launch according to the company data. Which estimated to be an income of 241 crore rupees. 

Apart from this, according to the company reports, the company sold 23.54 lakh units during the time period of 23rd June 2020 to 18th October 2020. Alongside this, the company also managed to sell 62 lakh units of the three components mentioned above, 18.50 lakh bottles of Anu Taila, 20.13 lakh units of Coronil tables (one bottle consist of 80 tablets) and 23.32 lakh units of Swasari Vati (One bottle consist of 80 tablets).

After looking into all the data, arises the question that if it had such high sales since the day it has been launched into the market, then why do we have to question if it is effective in treating Covid 19 or not? And the answer to this question is that, yes we do have understand it’s authenticity in curing Covid 19 because of the fact that the company Pantanjali was anot able to produce any data regarding does the kit really cures Coronavirus. And thus, the Ayush Ministry had to come forward and make a statement that: “The Coronil Kit is a Covid 19 immunity booster Kit”.  And the company is allowed to sell the product only by saying that the kit is for cough, fever and immunity booster and not as covid 19 cure.

Thus, although there are no proper reports stating that the Coronil cures Coronavirus, Acharaya Balkrishna says, “Made out of important Ayurvedic elements like -- Ashwagandha, Giloy, and Tulsi, Coronil is to be taken in the morning and evening and treats the patients in just 5 to 14 days. "We have had 100 percent recovery rate among the patients on whom we tried our remedies. I am confident that even if I contract coronavirus, I will recover from it within a matter of days," said Swami Ramdev on India TV's show called 'Corona Se Jung, Swami Ramdev Ke Sang’.”

And thus although it is not safe to say that the Coronil kit is a cure for the corona virus but one can definitely say that it is a immunity booster and once your immunity is strong, there are less chances of you getting affected with corona virus. 

So instead of finding the ultimate cure for the corona virus as soon as possible, let’s all take an initiative to stay healthy and increase our immunity as much as possible because ‘the stronger the immunity, the lesser risks we have being infected by the deadly corona virus’. Thus, let’s eat healthy, exercise daily, have good sleep and be safe. 


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