Is getting Tattoos safe for pregnant women? #Top5 Risks Covered

Women, nowadays, are obsessed with having a lot of tattoos on their bodies! It's good to fulfill your desires while you are alive but generally, you need to be a bit cautious when you are pregnant. 

Researchers say, '90% of the doctors do not recommend having a tattoo during the entire pregnancy and breastfeeding period.' 

Health risk associated with the tattoo on the body will always be there - 'as some ink or outer substance having microcontaminants and metal-based chemicals are getting injected to our body leading to unseen infections, - researchers say.'

A tattoo leads to breakage of your skin directing the accumulation of bacteria in your body. It's quintessential to know the pros and cons of getting a tattoo during pregnancy. 

Precautions to be taken for a safe Tattoo 

  • Make sure the dressings, inks, and dyes used by your tattoo artist are closed, packed, new, and sterile.

  • Make sure the tattoo artist is wearing clean long gloves in his hands and maintaining hygiene in surroundings. 

  • Autoclave artists must be given preference, I.e., they have everything from the sterilizing unit to the sterilizing devices.

  • Availability of the tattoo artist must be for 24*7, such that in case of any emergency like itching, swelling, and excess pain that comes up within 24 hours of getting a tattoo can be easily treated. Also, check with him if he will be available if any misery happens in the next 6 months of getting tattooed. 

  • Tattoo artists must be having a registered firm, with himself being registered as the qualified tattoo artist.

  • The floor and the surroundings of the place where you are getting tattooed must be clean. 

  • Make sure the needles used by the practitioners are meant for one-time use only. They must be clean, packed, and disposable.

Is getting tattoos safe for pregnant women?

1.Skin Reactions

Skin Allergies caused due to the tattoo substances can lead to the following symptoms -

    • Acne
    • Itching
    • Bleeding
    • Swelling
    • Papules
    • Scarring
    • Scaling

Researchers say that -

  • Different Colored tattoos are more prone to skin diseases as compared to black and white tattoos.
  • Sunlight can adversely react to the tattoos, causing skin allergic problems like redness and stinging.
  • The percentage risk of the colored tattoo on the pregnant women's skin varies as per its various colors emerging from the dye substances. 

2.Risk of developing Epidural

Generally, people love getting tattooed on the lower back of their bodies! It's the same place where doctors use the epidural for labor purposes. Ideally, women whose pregnancies will require the use of an epidural procedure must wait till their breastfeeding period is done to avoid any ill effects of it on themselves and their child before and after the birth. 

Following situations can't be forecasted - 

    • Whether it will infect you for sure or not?
    • To what extent it will affect your body and pregnancy?
    • Whether you will have early labor?
    • How much time it will take to heal?

Henceforth, what you can do is consult your doctor to take the proper advice on this matter.

3.Bacterial Infections

Bacterial Infections taking their worst form might lead to fever, body shivering, and constant sweating. In the worst cases, it can lead to cellulitis. Beware, it really can be life-threatening!  

Researchers say -

    • Almost 0.5% - 6.0% of the pregnant women and others getting tattooed are a risk of catching Bacterial Infections, as per the 2016 review study
    • Intake of medications/antibiotics by a pregnant woman to solve such infections can severely affect the fetus bringing complications in her pregnancy.
    • In less than 2% of the cases, the tattoo can lead to necrotizing fasciitis ultimately resulting in destroying your soft tissues. 
    • The infection can take its route to sepsis - which surely is the severe case of all.

4.Viral Infections

Women getting tattooed on their body during pregnancy can lead to viral infections in 20% of the cases - Yes, you heard it right! 

According to the experts -

  • Due to the unhygienic atmosphere of the tattoo artist's firm - a pregnant woman can have hazardous infections like HIV and Hepatitis. 
  • Viral infections caused due to tattoo ink or substances in women can pass on to their unborn child. 

5.Unwanted Response of Ink

It's uncertain to know how risky the injection of chemical-rich ink can be in our body especially when a woman is pregnant. 

According to the FDA, the following judgments were passed - 

  • Products used in designing the tattoo on your skin which is stated as Sterile & Sealed, - still give birth to some unpredicted and unwanted outcomes. The infection has no specific timelines.
  • Researchers of the FDA say that the stains present in the Printer cartridges and the paints used in cars are found in the inks used for tattooing. 
  • Inks used for tattooing or cosmetic purposes are not approved, FDA says.

Things to consider before getting a tattoo during pregnancy

1.Different appearance before & after pregnancy 
The stretch marks due to pregnancy and delivery will be visible on the abdomen, thigh area, and hips side. Women undergo various alterations in their body shaping and sizes. Pregnancy can lead to either excess loss or a gain of weight (in 85% of cases). Henceforth, the original tattoo might have some different appearance after the baby is born. So, it's not worth money, time, and pain.
2.The permanence of Tattoo - 'Once a Tattoo, always a tattoo!' Such Tattoos generally are permanent. Although there are options to remove them whenever you feel like but still even after the removal of the tattoo, the injected ink can stay in multiple parts of the body forever which can create an infection at some other time in the nearby future, as per FDA - Food and Drug Administration.

3.Existing Health Concerns
Folks with weak immune systems must take proper advice from a qualified doctor before getting injected with the tattoos on their bodies before or after pregnancy. Infection caused by it can be life-taking.  

'As per one of the research studies, - people suffering from diseases like diabetes, HIV or any other major health concerns are 50% more at the risk of catching an infection after getting tattooed during pregnancy.'

Recommendations; 'Switch to Henna Tattoo'

As per researchers, 'In the earlier ages, pregnant women from the Middle East, Egypt and India used HENNA TATTOO's at the top of their bellies especially with beautiful mesmerizing designs whose length is up to four weeks.' - but what's the mystery behind it? Well, they believed -

  • The henna tattoo will safeguard their unborn child with ill-intentioned eyes.
  • It will help them and their child to get the 'Good Luck.'
  • It will lead to safe delivery and a healthy baby.

Also, you need to make sure to use only the - Natural Henna. Avoid using the Black Henna varieties that consist of a PPD - para-phenylenediamine. It may lead to -

  • Severe Body Burns
  • Itching
  • Blisters
  • Scarring
  • Skin Rashes
  • Several other body reactions

To conclude the question - Is getting a tattoo safe for pregnant women? The answer differs from person to person based on multiple factors but overall if you are too curious to get a tattoo while you are pregnant, then you must go for the NATURAL HENNA TATTOO - it's safe and lasts for 4 weeks. You must know that other tattoos have multiple health allergic responses which are mild yet nobody knows when it can turn into an infection, so know your priority - Risking health with a Tattoo or a healthy baby? Also, if your skin is naturally allergic then you must give a SECOND THOUGHT to it! In this case, wait till the baby comes onto this world and then fulfill your dreams of getting tattooed. 


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