Tips for 'females only' travel?

Several women are out there who love to travel alone or with their girls group. Definitely you would be getting plethora of suggestions and rumours while planning for  your trip, but you need not have to get confused as we’re here to provide a few handy tips which will be making your females only travel to be one of the best memories.

In today’s world female travelers are courageous and it’s definitely their personal choice to make a trip for themselves.

Initiation of Females only Travelling

Since 2009, after the set up of online communities regarding women tours or solo travels, the females only travelling have impressively increased. As the communities started providing personal advice to women travelers, more women all over the world started taking their girls trips. It is not that women travelers were not there before, but the last two decades definitely observed a steady and impressive growth. The age group of 21 to 30 years is the one which includes the maximum number of female travelers, that is 68% who want to travel only with their girlies. 

Rationale of Girl’s trip

46% of the female travelers feel that they opt to travel with their female friends or solo because they get the independence of doing whatever they want. Again 22% say that the comfort of travelling with female friends is the best and 15% of the female travelers love to challenge themselves besides gaining confidence by planning female tours. So female only tours are all about fun and exciting adventures.

Always prioritize safety

While women are travelling all by themselves, definitely safety becomes an important issue especially if you are travelling solo or in small groups. Be aware while spending your nights in strange places or in local transportations. If required, try to cover up yourself with the dupatta or stole. It would definitely keep all the curious eyes away besides keeping you safe from the pollution and dust of the travel. So don’t forget to carry any extra stole for dealing with any unexpected storms or from the eyes of lecherous people. 

26% of millennial women, who have traveled by themselves, say that women of every age might be facing vulnerability on the road in reality. So, for your safety don’t forget to carry pepper spray which will help you to protect yourself from any unwanted incidents. Studies say that 98% of the women travelers carry pepper spray during their females only trip.

Useful tips for the female’s only trips:

#Tip1. Make the estimated budget of the trip: Making a proper budget is the first important step.  Make the distinction between how much you are able to spend and how much you want to spend, and this will make your budget planning easier. Calculate about all the tickets, accommodations, journey cost and food. After making the estimated budget plan get  the final one done. And ensure that you cover everything so that you don’t have to get stranded in a remote rail station or bus stop with your girls anywhere. 

#Tip2. Smart packing : Try to pack light as it would be easier to carry. But that doesn’t mean you are not going to take the basic requirements. All we are trying to say is packing smartly is going to be useful during the long run. Like while travelling hilly region you might be needing a couple of sweaters and a jacket so don’t take extra sweaters, rather get some gloves, socks , hats and cold cream which would not let you to shiver all through the night. If you are going for a trek, then do not overburden yourself with the luggage as you have to carry them all by yourself also do not forget the essential cosmetics and the electronics. Check the dates of your travel and pack the fabrics accordingly. You can also watch some YouTube videos to learn about efficient packing hacks.

#Tip3. Carry a map : In today’s digital age, everything can be found online and so use it to keep a contingency plan. Don’t forget to look at the map of the place you are going to and also keep one with you while travelling. You can also download the offline maps from Google which will help you, if you don’t have proper internet connections in some places .

#Tip4. Try to book early: Researching before going to travel actually makes any trip a lot easier. In order to avoid any bad surprises after reaching your destination, always book the tickets of the bus , train or air early. Make use of the internet and do all the necessary research. While booking accommodations take some time to investigate if the place is safe for women. You can even opt for any girls hostel or homestays if you want to avoid the hotels of some particular places. Check the reviews and plan it accordingly. Also booking the tickets and accommodation early will give you time to find time to study about any local events or secret gems of your travel destinations.

#Tip5: Take help from the Locals : Although it is unwise to make friends with every passing traveler, taking help from the locals is definitely useful. Whenever you feel that you got stuck somewhere or you need some information about a particular thing then don’t hesitate to take help from the locals as they are the ones who live there and have enough knowledge regarding the place. Also for connecting with the locals you can eat local foods, buy some local crafts and also stay in accommodations which are locally owned. It will also help to keep the profits within the country.

#Tip6. Trust your instincts: A survey by National Geography received more than 40 responses from women travelers who supported that their strong instincts helped them a lot during their girl's trip. Also 23% of female backpackers mentioned to stay calm and to learn about the mental and physical limits of their own self. It is also advised not to be afraid from taking defensive actions while feeling uncomfortable or threatened anytime during the trip.

#Tip7. Stay aware and connected: Lastly, always keep yourself aware of everything happening around you and remain well connected with all your travel mates. Don’t forget to keep your cash and important documents like passport, credit or debit cards, identity proofs in a secure place. Also do keep the backup copies with you and also at your home with your trusted one, for any kind of emergency situations. Stay well prepared for the emergency weather changes, carry enough water and a first aid kit. Most importantly don’t let your mobile phone run out of it's juices. So, keep it charged always and carry a Power Bank also so that you can charge your cell phone anywhere


Travelling with your girls group is definitely going to increase your perseverance as you would be facing as well as handling some pitfalls. But don’t get afraid and keep all the above mentioned things in mind and once you are back home in your own comfort zone, you will definitely going to have some warm memories from all those hard  and fun times you faced during travelling. 

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