Which is best Cancer Hospitals in India ?

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a complete game of cells. This is a bodily problem that grows and strengthens with time. A human being survives on the formation of cells and the whole life cycle that a cell has. It is all up to the health of cells in the human being’s body. As per the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research almost about 2.5 million people in India undergo this pain and every year 1,157,294 new cases are encountered. And when we talk about the worldwide data then according to The International Agency for Research on Cancer says that almost every 1 in 5 people is facing this disease globally.

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The human body is comprised of so many cells and these cells do have their life cycle that is from birth to death. They properly grow and die accordingly. And this is a process that goes on continuously. The problem of cancer develops only when the formation and life-cycle of these cells get affected. 

A person’s body is the combination of trillions of cells and they grow to get divided from each other in a natural life-cycle as expected they die when the time comes. And when these cells do not follow the actual life-cycle steps or the cells undergo some kind of abnormality or some issue in completing the life-cycle then the issue of cancer slowly starts taking its shape.

Cancer happens when these cells grow, eventually get divided but do not die at the time of their death. And they just keep on living the life which is supposed to be ended at a certain time. This inappropriate situation creates the issue of the disease of cancer. The cells do not die and they keep on staying in the body for long. 

Earlier in the times, when cancer was new and things were not in clear format. There was not any sort of cure to the problem of cancer, but now as Science has made development in its field the doctors here have worked so hard to get a solution to this giant problem of pain. They have made a solution to the issue. Many people do survive after the treatment of this issue. And many of them have survived after successful treatment of the issue and they are living a healthy life ahead.

We can count so many names from our Bollywood industry that have been under the issue and got cured. We can recall some names from someone in our memory that has taken proper treatment and got cured of the pain of cancer.

Cancer is treatable all we need is proper cure and treatment to the problem. 

Types of cancer –

Well, this is just not it! We do have categories in which we can define cancer in two types. They can start from anywhere and they can spread to any place or organ in the body depending on the nature of cancer. The biggest thing to focus on is we name cancer according to the place or organ that is affected by the disease, like if anybody is having lung as the affected part from cancer then we can say the person is having lung cancer if the person is having his throat affected by cancer then he is having throat cancer, or if a woman is having her breast area affected by cancer then the woman is having breast cancer.  

Cancer can completely be differentiated into two different types and they are –

  • The one that affects the blood portion in the body is termed, blood cancer or Hematologic cancer.
  • The one that affects a particular organ or any tissue in somebody’s body, that type of cancer is termed solid tumor cancer.

When we overhear the word cancer we feel like all the cancers are the same just because we do not know the reason behind the formation of cancer and the way they get started and reach a different stage in a person’s body. We only use to envisage by looking at the reports from far. Until we are a student of medicine or we know something about the severity of the issue. Only the ones who know about cancer or the medical things can understand and differentiate between different types of cancers.

All the types of cancers have different reasons behind why they happened and they have different growth and they want a different cure to get dissolved. Even there are times when patients undergo any such medical condition of cancer and they do not know in reality that is suffering from cancer. This happens very often that until and unless the issue seems big or painful many among the cancer patients do not even know about the issue that they are going through. In such cases, they only get to know about it when severity hits or when the pain starts occurring and reaching an inexpressive condition. For such issues, it has been said that we should regularly go through a full-body check-up from time to time.

Top 10 Cancer Hospitals in India –

Here is the list of the top 10 cancer hospitals in India,

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, in MumbaiWell, this hospital is located in Parel, Mumbai, and is famous for its abbreviated name TMH. This hospital is well-known for its working field in cancer by the world. The first hospital in the country to initiate bone-marrow transplant was TMH. And PET-CT was availed for the cure of cancer patients. 
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences is in Delhi (AIIMS)This is a hospital established with a motive to have a decrease in the number of cancer patients growing rapidly back in those times. 
  • The Cancer Institute, it is in Chennai This is an institute founded by, Womens’ Indian Association Centre Cancer relief fund 50 years back. It was established with a mission of providing required treatment to patients of cancer.
  • Apollo Speciality Hospital, in Chennai The hospital is on this list because it has earned this place. The hospital provides 360-degree cancer care to patients who are suffering from any such cancer issue.
  • The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute is in AhmedabadWell, this autonomous body is managed by the two bodies that are, the Government of Gujarat and The Gujarat Cancer Society. It is one of the largest cancer care centers hospital in the country.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre, it is in DelhiRGIRC, this hospital comes under one of the largest cancer hospitals in complete Asia. The hospital specializes in providing cancer treatment to cancer patients. 
  • Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, in BengaluruWell, this is a regional cancer care center. The center offers cancer courses to students who are willing to grow their careers in the same field. And who want to help others by getting into the medical field.
  • Regional Cancer Centre, it is in ThiruvananthapuramThis is a tertiary center for cancer care and here all types of cancers are concerned. It is made to help cancer patients.
  • HCG, it is in Bengaluru It is a well-known cancer treatment hospital; it was brought to life to help the patients who are suffering from this serious illness of cancer. They have opened the day-care to help the patients.
  • Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, ChandigarhThis hospital is on the list because it has made it this place. This hospital caters to the problems of cancer patients. And also look after the cases from Punjab, J&K, and Haryana. This is a great hospital on the list. 

Talking of the stages of Cancers –

It is whenever a patient tests positive for cancer the first and foremost thing that a doctor does, is to reach out to the stage of cancer that the patient is having. This is because this makes it easy for the doctor to process and the patient to realize. It helps the doctor in understanding the depth of the cancer problem, that till where cancer has reached? What is the severity of cancer in the patient’s body?

The severity of the cancer problem in a patient’s body is judged by the level or stage of cancer that a patient is in. Starting from 1 to 4, cancer deals incomplete 4 stages, and also the severity of the cancer is decided according to the stage of cancer.

Cancer’s stages are divided into two parts, one is lower and the other one is higher, the lower one says that the cancer is not that speeded and the higher one says that the condition is critical and is contradictory to the lower stage of cancer in anybody.

Lower stages cancer take up complete two stages of cancer in it, that is, 1 and 2. The higher stage consists of the rest two and the severe stages of cancer, that is, 3 & 4.

A doctor decides actually which treatment is going to help his patient after deciding the stage of cancer. The treatment of the disease is completely dependent on the stage of cancer. That is why we say that knowing about the stage of cancer is ultimately the priority of the doctor. This is because without the stage no treatment can be decided or executed. 

India has great cancer treatment and research centers. The main thing that matters in the case of cancer is to be aware of it in its early stage. Any delay could harm the health of the patient a lot. In the meantime positivity is the only thing that helps a lot.   

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